Gasoline rates at the pumps in both Newport and Claremont have been sliding down during the past two weeks.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the average cost for a gallon of gasoline at Newport’s five outlets was $2.38 a gallon while Claremont’s eight locations came in at $2.56.

The overall averages were compiled by including the .9 cents with the cost of each gallon. The individual cost per gallon t at each outlet for the purposes of this report did not include the .9 cents.

Newport Numbers

Jiffy Mart, $2.37

Irving, $2.37

Yoshi’ $2.39

Shop Express, $2.37

T-Bird, $2.37

Claremont Numbers

Claremont Mobil, $2.55

Main St.

Cumberland Farms, $2.57

Pleasant St.

Claremont Mobil, $2.55

Pleasant St.

T-Bird. $2.55

Charlestown Road

Jiffy Mart, $2.55

Irving, $2.55

T-Bird, $2.55

Washington St.

Cumberland Farms

Washington St., $2.58

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