NEWPORT — Congregate meal menus for the remainder of November at the Newport Senior Center and Earl Bourdon Centre in Claremont follow:

7—Homemade corn chowder, egg salad sandwich, lettuce and tomato, cookies.

8—Shepard’s pie, mixed vegetables, Mandarin orange pudding.

11—Closed for Veterans Day.

12—Riblets, potato, broccoli, fresh fruit.

13—Parmesan crusted chicken breast, rice pilaf, zucchini and tomato, white chocolate cake bars.

14—Macaroni and cheese, chef-style tomatoes, peanut butter parfait.

15— Pot roast, boiled red potato, Brussels' sprouts, brownie.

18— Chicken cacciatore, asparagus, tapioca pudding.

19—Hot dogs, baked beans, Cole slaw, fresh fruit.

20—Stuffed peppers, mashed potato, wax beans, raspberry filled cookie.

21—Thanksgiving Dinner with all the fixings.

22—Baked Pollock, mashed potato, Capri blend vegetable

Chef’s choice dessert.

25—Pepper burger, corn on cob, seasoned curly fries, vanilla/blueberry parfait.

26—Garden vegetable soup, ham sandwich, lettuce and tomato carrot cake.

27—Chicken broccoli Alfredo, peas and carrot, fresh fruit.

28—Closed, Happy Thanksgiving.

29—Closed, Thanksgiving Holiday.

Seniors 60 and over, $2 suggested donation, under 60, assisting a senior with lunch, $3.50.

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