NEWPORT — The Newport High School Class of 2019 will not be naming a Salutatorian or Class Essayist this year.

Instead, there will be three Valedictorians.

Alia Gonzalez, Benjamin Jachim-Gallagher and Elizabeth (Libby) Tremblay will share the Valedictorian honors on graduation night, Wednesday, June 5 on the Newport Common.

This trio had one thing in common. Through four years of high school they all had a 4.0 grade point average. To reach this scholastic level they earned all A’s over their high school careers.

In addition, on an individual level, the three also picked up special recognition.

Gonzalez learned last week she is a finalist in the Merit Scholarship Program. She is one of three New Hampshire students on this list.

Jachim-Gallagher was one of two New Hampshire students earning Presidential Scholar recognition and only 1 of 161 in the entire country.

Tremblay has something to chat about with her uncle who was also in an elite group of three Valedictorians, exactly 30 years ago, with the graduating Class of 1989.

That threesome included Mark Tremblay (Libby’s uncle), Dawn Boucher and Denise Colby.

Alia Gonzalez

Alia is the daughter of Amy Barton and Chris Gonzalez and the granddaughter of Eileen and John Barton. She is a returning member of the National Honor Society and serves as its vice president.

She is an involved member of the community as the 102nd Newport Winter Carnival Queen. She is active in the performing arts as a dancer and member of the chorus, the junior intern company at the New London Barn and the Boot Camp program at Northern Stage.

Alia also made it into the New Hampshire All-State Chorus for two years. She will graduate as a New Hampshire Scholar in 2019 and attend Long Island University—Post to earn a BFA in musical theatre.

Benjamin Jachim-Gallagher

Benjamin is the son of Cindy Gallagher and Geri Jachim. He is a returning member of the National Honor Society. Ben actively involved in the local community earning more than 900 hours of community service.

He is also a three-sport athlete, having played varsity soccer, cross country, wrestling, indoor track and outdoor track. As a Presidential Scholar he will be awarded the honor in June at a ceremony in Washington.

Ben plans to attend Harvard University next year where he will pursue a degree in the social sciences.

Elizabeth Tremblay

Elizabeth is the daughter of James and Victoria Tremblay. She is a returning member and president of the National Honor Society.

She has consistently achieved high honors throughout her academic career. Libby is a three-sport athletic participating in cross country, basketball and softball. She is heavily involved in the arts as she has been a member of the high school band, jazz band, high school chorus, chamber chorus and was selected to participate in the New Hampshire All-State choir

Elizabeth will graduate as a New Hampshire Scholar, and will attend Boston College in the fall.

(Editor’s Note—Brief biographies of the remaining Class of 2919 Top 11 students at Newport High School appear in today’s Argus-Champion in alphabetical order on Page ). 

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