Twenty-one law enforcement units were involved Thursday in the apprehension of 25 individuals on drug-related charges during the Operation Northern Alliance collaborative effort within Sullivan County.

Arrests made Thursday, Oct. 10 included 13 from Claremont, five from Newport, two from Charlestown, two from Springfield and one each from Orford, Enfield and South Lebanon, Maine.

According to a press release, the goal of this operation was to investigate and arrest individuals in New Hampshire distributing heroin, fentanyl, bath-salts and opioid based narcotics along with other illicit drugs.

“It is through the collaborative efforts of all the agencies involved in this regional investigation that has led to the success of this operation,” said Newport Police Chief Jim Burroughs.

“Furthermore, I would like to acknowledge that it’s through these collaborative efforts that we can truly have a positive impact on our communities.

“The sales and distribution of drugs and the crimes associated with it know no boundaries and successes like these have a positive impact on all of our region’s communities,” Burroughs added.

Law groups participating included the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office, Charlestown Police Department, Claremont Police Department, Croydon Police Department, Grantham Police Department, Newport Police Department, Sunapee Police Department, Vermont State Police, Windsor County Sheriff’s Department (Vermont), Springfield, Vt., Police Department, National Guard Couner Drug Program, New Hampshire Probation and Parole, FBI, Homeland Security Investigations and ATF Attorney General’s Drug Task Force.

Also, New Hampshire State Police (comprised of members from the Mobile Enforcement Team (MET), Narcotics Investigations Unit (NIU), Special Weapons and Tactics Unit (SWAT), Special Investigations Unit (SIU), Troop C, Troop G and Troop F.

During this operation, fentanyl, methamphetamine, mushrooms, bath salts and marijuana were seized. Several more arrests are expected as a result of this endeavor.

Further joint efforts are planned between Federal, State, Local and County law enforcement agencies in Western New Hampshire.

As a result of the operation, the following individuals have been arrested:

Lenni Jo Aiken, Claremont, warrant; Mark Avery, Enfield, warrant; Charles Tatro, Newport, possession of a controlled drug; Jordan Ebelt, Springfield, Vt., warrant/parole violation/possession of controlled drug; Jeremy Drewing, Claremont, warrant/possession of controlled drug; Daniel Walter, Newport, warrant; Charles Libby, South Lebanon, Maine, warrant; Amanda Rogers, Springfield, warrant; John Fernandes, Claremont, warrant/resisting arrest; Thomas Meade, Claremont, possession of a controlled drug; Tague Hartwell, Newport, possession of controlled drug/breach of bail/operating after suspension, and Lizzy Ball, Newport, warrant.

Also, Andrew Sprague, Claremont, stalking/breach of bail; Albert Wood, Claremont, possession of controlled drug/criminal mischief/disorderly; Joulena Hamel, Claremont, possession of controlled drug/criminal mischief, disorderly; Bryan Robie, Claremont, warrant; Rayhan Atts, Charlestown, possession of controlled drugs/resisting arrest; Kaylee Clark, Charlestown, possession of controlled drugs/resisting arrest; Nick Kemp, Newport, warrant; Casey Goodrich, Orford, hindering apprehension; Tyler Litevich, Claremont, breech of bail; Christina Paquette, Claremont, warrant/criminal trespass; James Perry, Claremont, criminal trespass; Nicole Reed, Claremont, possession of a controlled drug, and David Travis, Claremont, credit card fraud.

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