NEWPORT — Due to a mathematical error, the Executive Finance Committee of the Sullivan County Delegation last week approved a request from county officials to authorize appropriating an additional $77,000 to complete the nursing home design work

That task is scheduled to be completed in January. At that point the county will present the final design to the Delegation and request approval to proceed with construction .

The current working estimate for construction is $35 million and the scope includes a full renovation of the Stearns Building (the main facility of the nursing home), demolition of the Sanders Building and right-sized spaces for administrative functions, according to Sullivan County Manager Derek Ferland.

If new funds had to be appropriated to complete the design task, the request would need the approval of the full Delegation.

However, Ferland said in the last three years the County Corrections budget has enjoyed surpluses of $440,000, $350,000 and $270,000. He said the $77,000 could be covered by anticipated surplus funds in the Corrections budget at the end of the year.

“Because the $35 million is such a substantial investment that will last for at least the next 50 years, Ferland said the county will be hosting meetings over the next few months to allow select boards and city council members to ask questions and learn more about the project.

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