NEW LONDON — The following building permits were approved by the New London Board of Selectmen at its June 17th meeting.

Carolyn Biester Trust, 483 Mountain Road, demolish and rebuild single-family house, 3 bedroom, 2 bath and garage.

William and Jane Hopwood, 706 Bunker Road, expand screen porch and add deck.

Matthew and Kathryn Bemis, 10 Bunker Way, adding footage to garage and finish upper level to living space.

Patrick and Mary Moynihan, 29 Pond’s Edge Lane, build 22 by 32-foot barn, 10-foot porch and lean to.

Richard and Karen Epstein, 350 Barrett Road, build 24 by 28-foot garage.

William and Linda Minsinger, 133 Old Main St., demolish/rebuild sunroom and add porch, deck and 2-car garage.

John Ellis, 37 Old Main St., build 34 by 36-foot garage and rebuild shed foundation.

Samuel Drive LLC, Hall Farm Road, build new single-family house, 5 bedroom and attached 2-car garage.

Michael Hansen Properties, 74 Hayfield Lane, roof mount solar array, 8.50 kw.

Barry and KC Wright, 1106 Lakeshore Drive, roof mount solar array, 6.82 kw.

Catherine Robjent Trust, 287 Mountain Road, roof mount solar 11.376.

Thomas White Family Trust, 106 Meadowbrook Road, enclose skylights.

Barbara Carroll, 201 Little Sunapee Road, build11 by 12-foot sunroom addition;

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