NEWPORT — The following permits were approved during the month of May by the Town of Newport Planning and Zoning Office:

Partridge Revocable Trust, 572 Sunapee St., demolition of 10 by 10-foot lean-to, no cost listed; building permit, add a one-bedroom apartment, $1,200.

Robert and Susan Ingalls, 191 Summer St., electrical permit, upgrade existing 100 amps, $3,000.

Hospital Hill Realty, 167 Summer St., demolish portion of building, no cost listed; building permit, $243,839; electrical permit, no cost listed.

Jessica Frye, 167 North Main St., adding bulkhead to basement, $1,000.

Timothy and Cathy Bates, 20 Summit Road, strip and reshingle roof, $12,000.

Joan Strully, 35 Karlene St., electrical permit, $1,300.

Joshua Howe, Springfield Road, construct new 28 by 40-foot accessory building, $60,000; electrical permit, $5,500.

Nancy and Toimi Parssinen, 485 Oak St., alteration, $5,000.

John Jr. and Jean Linn, 19 Ayers Road, solar project, building permit, $25,500; electrical permit, $25,500.

Robert and Cheryl Dombroski, 57 East Mountain Road, reroof, $4,500.

Darrell Warner, 517 East Mountain Road, new 12 by 20-foot shed, $7,100.

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