NEWPORT — Do you remember listening quietly while your mom or dad read you the many fairy tales that you have probably now read to your children and grandchildren over the years? It is amazing how those fairy tales really do become non-fiction.

The red brick building that houses the Newport Senior Center had many issues inside that were neglected over the years, but the brick structure still stood strong through all types of weather conditions.

The inside issues were addressed last year. The last of the new LED lighting was installed this week. When guests walk into the building they now understand the true meaning of the term, the better to see you with my dear. Every area of the building is now bright and truly shows off all the hard work that went into making the inside of the building as strong as the outside of the building.

With this bright, strong building, we are able to provide many valuable services and resources to older adults. We don’t have a bean stock, but SCNS does serve green beans with its weekly meals that are served at the Newport Senior Center and the Earl Bourdon Center in Claremont.

Meals are prepared fresh daily and meet at least one third of the daily recommended allowance. Our most popular meal is our cut with a fork pot roast. The menu varies from month to month, but is always approved by a licensed Dietician.

Meals are served weekdays at 11:45 a.m. Meals are available for individuals who are 60 or older. Meals are arranged in a congregate setting that promotes socialization along with a delicious, nutritious meal. The suggested donation for a meal is $2 per meal. A meal includes a main entree, a starch, vegetable, dessert and one beverage. We promise not serve any poisonous apples.

Now that our facility has made it through a major construction plan and not just a cosmetic face lift, the space is filling up quickly with programs that will be available. We know that people are busy during the summer and for some, things start to settle down after Labor Day, but we are ready to occupy your time.

Programs are now being tightly scheduled after Labor Day. We will be starting September off with accepting items for another yard sale event. Our regularly scheduled programs will continue as usual. These programs include, free blood pressure clinics twice a month, Foot clinics twice per month, cribbage each Friday, bingo every Wednesday, Julie’s I-Care and Tai-Chi every Thursday.

The strength, balance and flexibility class will resume each Tuesday and Thursday beginning September 10. Another balance screening will be available on Sept. 6. The very popular Matter of Balance class will begin on Sept. 20 and will continue every Friday for eight weeks.

October activities are also booking in fast. The very popular casino trip is being arranged for October. We have already scheduled an estate planning seminar as well for October. Don’t forget, October is the time of year when you need to start planning for flu season and we have that scheduled as well. Another great NSC breakfast will also be held in October.

As you can see, there are many great upcoming activities being planned. For now, plan to visit us on Aug. 24, when we are at the Apple Pie Crafts Fair on the Newport Common. There will not be any bread crumbs to follow, but follow your nose to the smell of grilled onions and peppers used for sweet and hot sausage grinders that will be sure to fill you up.

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