Carol Lindsey

Carol Lindsey

CLAREMONT — Peraza Dermatology Group has announced that Carol Lindsey has joined the practice as a Physician’s Assistant.

She has more than 15 years of experience in the dermatology field, most recently at a practice in central Massachusetts. Carol holds a B.S. in P.A. Studies from Howard University, in Washington, DC, and completed studies at the Norwalk Hospital/Yale Physician Assistant (PA) Surgical Residency Program.

“I am grateful for and excited by the opportunity to join such a well-respected practice in the Upper Valley. Peraza Dermatology Group’s reputation as a leader in patient care, cutting edge medical and cosmetic dermatology, and a committed member of the local community is unrivaled. I am looking forward to bringing my own experiences and expertise to the practice,” Lindsey said.

Dr. Daniel Peraza comments, “We are excited to have Carol join our team. She brings the experience, professionalism, and expertise that our patients look for and expect. Her professional qualifications are top notch, and her personality and character are a great match for our practice. I look forward to working closely with her on the road ahead.”

Dr. Jose Peraza adds, “Carol is a wonderful addition to our team. Patients will immediately appreciate her considerable clinical experience and her professional manner. Carol has an excellent background in both medical and cosmetic dermatology, and patients will assuredly welcome her knowledge and compassionate approach at Peraza Dermatology Group.”

Carol is a Diplomate of the Society of Dermatology Physician Assistants, a highly-respected status in the dermatology field. She is particularly passionate about medical dermatology across different generations.

“It is particularly satisfying to work with seniors, when I can help them manage skin conditions from melanoma to simple dryness in places they cannot reach. With my geriatric patients, I am able to form an important human connection, and deliver the care that can make them more comfortable and happy in their everyday lives.

“By the same token, I enjoy helping pediatric patients who can feel and see the benefits of dermatology in concrete, life-changing ways. As anyone who has ever had acne knows, a cure is very welcome, and restores self-confidence and eliminates some of the painful emotional parts of skin care challenges,” Lindsey continued

Carol is also interested in infectious skin diseases, from Lyme disease (and other tick-borne illnesses) to cellulitis and other bacterial and viral diseases. She was fortunate to work with Dr. Marcus Conant, a pioneer in HIV-oriented dermatology.

In her free time, Carol enjoys hiking with her rescue dog Homer and training for her annual tradition of walking a segment of the Camino in Spain. She is a self-proclaimed “science fiction nerd” and is the proud parent of two grown daughters.

Initially, Carol will see patients in the Lebanon and New London offices. Meet her today – request an appointment online!

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