NEWPORT — The following property transfers were recorded at the office of the Sullivan County Register of Deeds during the week ending July 27:


Constance R. Michelsen, Grantham, sold undivided one-half interest to property at Greensward, Section 7, Grantham to Charles P. Monahan, Grantham, and one half interest to Marjorie G. Owen, Grantham, for $335,000.

Carol H. Tolpa, Littleton, Mass., sold a Condominium Unit at West Cove A Condominium to Constance R. Michelsen, Grantham, for $177,000.


William D. Mulreed, Wilton, Conn., sold land with improvements on the north side of Eastman Pond Road to Judy A. Orlowski, Elkins, for $146,000.


Steven K. Bernier, Sunapee, sold land with buildings on the westerly side of Lake Avenue to Philip and Patricia Murphy, Oakland, N.J., for $450,000.

Jorge Villafuerte and Ilse Castro Aragon, Chestnut Hill, Mass., sold a Condominium Unit at Overlook at Indian Cave to Vicas Corporation, Chestnut Hill, Mass., for $480,000.


Walter Read, North Clarendon, Vt., sold land with buildings bounded on the south by Town Road leading to Millen Pond to Scott and Courtney Parris, Henniker, for $141,300.

Doraine S. Huntley Richards, New Hartford, Conn., sold land off Huntley Mountain Road to the Society of the Protection of New Hampshire Forests, Concord, for $13,600.

William C. Anderson and Gail L. Anderson, Washington, sold three parcels of land with buildings on the north branch of the Ashuelot River to Arboreal Oasis LLC, Estero, Fla., for $160,000.


Ernest Colsmann, Morgantown, W. Va., sold land with buildings on the southerly side of Heino Road to Sylvan Pond LLC, Natick, Mass., for $300,000.


Kevin and Diane Brenker, Newport, sold land at Shorewood Estate, Crescent Lake, to Mary and Edward Jordan, Rocky Hill, Conn., for $229,900.

Gordon and Leanne Peterson, East Falmouth, Mass., sold land on the southerly side of Lear Hill Road to Theodore Wadleigh and Brandi Grossman and Lydia Wadleigh, Unity, for $52,500.


Johnathan R. Weaver, Newport, sold land with improvements on the westerly side of Route 10 to Veronica Krystara, Dayton, Maine, for $46,000.

Deborah Engman-Daniels, Newport, sold a 1965 Herrli 60-foot manufactured housing unit at Edgewood Park to Joan E. Shields, St. Albans, for $17,000.

Mark Pitkin, executor of the estate of Roger F. Lacroix, Newport, sold land at Sugar Brook Subdivision, Unity Road, to Nancy A. Thomas, Newport, for $215,000.

David M. Ackerman Jr., Meriden, sold land at 24 West St. to Judith and Darcey Heiser, Newport, for$150,000.

Michael M. Lemieux, Claremont, sold two parcels of land on the southerly side of Guild to Ryder Corner Road to Kurt Carson Adams, Newport, for $150,000.

Agatha A. Barreca, Newport, sold land on the easterly side of Breakneck Hill Road to Adam Farnsworth, Guild, for $19,000.


Carol A. Woodman, Claremont, sold a 1994 14 by 66-foot Skyline mobile home at 18 Emily Place (Pine Hill Mobile Home Court), to Jean L. Rolfe, North Springfield, Vt. for $32,000.

James and Mary McDonald, Claremont, sold two tracts of land with buildings on the southwesterly side of Thrasher Road to John and Vicki Ward, Lebanon, for $167,000.

Lorraine St. Aubin, Claremont, sold a 1993 Birchfield manufactured housing unit at 3 Rachael Place (Pine Hill Mobile Home Court) to William and Anice Buskey, Springfield, Vt., for $36,000.


Patricia Michaud, Charlestown, sold land with buildings to Heather and John Roberts, Charlestown, for $185,000.

U.S. Bank National Association, West Palm Beach, Fla., sold land with improvements at 276 Springfield Road to Claude J. Wild, Charlestown, for $59,000.

Henry and Judy Quelch, Charlestown, sold a 1978 Homette mobile home at Twin Maples Mobile Home Park to Pearl Walker, Charlestown, for $6,800.


Charles and Janice Hewitt, Bristol, sold land on a Plan of H. Gallop Estate (East Section) to Mark and Michele Paquin, Port Charlotte, Fla., for $18,500.

Eric and Elaine Larson, Bristol, Conn., sold land with buildings on the easterly shore of Long Pond to Christopher and Kristin Vander Wiede, Madison, Conn., for $175,000.

Town of Lempster sold land with buildings on a plan of Keyes Hollow Park II to Mark and Jane Jurgot, Milford, Conn., for $12,500.


Arthur J. DeMaggio and Catherine M. DeMaggio, Cornish, sold land at 693 Center Road to Kevin and Jane Noble, Tully, N.Y., for $319,000.

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