SUNAPEE — A Sunapee man is facing five charges following an incident that started at 8:46 a.m. Sunday in Newport.

Matthew Sullivan, 42, has been charged with Theft by Unauthorized Taking (felony), Reckless Conduct with a Deadly Weapon (felony), Conduct after an Accident (felony), Aggravated Driving Under the Influence (felony and Resting Arrest/Detention (misdemeanor). The investigation is ongoing and additional charges are possible, according to Newport Police Chief Brent W. Wilmot.

The investigation started we\hen the Newport Police Department received a report of a stolen vehicle, a 2015 Dodge Journey, from the parking area of 129 Sunapee St.

Additional calls were received by the Dispatch Center indicating that the stolen vehicle was traveling eastbound on Route 103 heading towards the Sunapee/Newbury area at a very high rate of speed.

First responding officers found the stolen vehicle crashed on the side of the road in the Town of Sunapee and fully engulfed in fire. Prior to coming to final rest, the vehicle struck multiple utility poles causing live electrical wires to fall onto the roadway.

Sullivan escaped the crash with minor injuries and then began running down the roadway prior to the emergency personnel arriving on scene. Other witnesses reported that Sullivan attempted to get into additional vehicles following this crash.

Officers from the Newport, Sunapee and Newbury police departments immediately began working together to get Sullivan into custody before other damages or injuries could be caused. The resulting criminal investigation was a collaborative effort between the Newport and Sunapee police departments.

Sullivan was transported to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center for medical treatment.

Sullivan was expected to appear in Sullivan County Superior Court on Monday, March 9, for his arraignment on these matters.

Anyone who may have relevant information regarding this event is encouraged to contact Sergeant Stephen Lee of the Newport Police Department at 863-3232.

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