All-Americn Zoey Lord

All-Americn Zoey Lord

NEWPORT — Newport’s Zoey Lord headed out of town on Thursday, Aug. 15th, traveling to Ocean City, Md. to play in the Youth Softball All-American Games.

Zoey entered Middle School at Newport this year and will be a 2026 graduate, which would make her a 10U eligible player for the 2019 softball season.

Zoey played in the class of 2022-2024, playing amongst girls age 12-15 going into 8th-10th grade. Zoey was selected for the All-American games after playing in Myrtle Beach, S.C. in June 2019 with her teammates from the Newport Elite Tigers. Zoey was one of a few girls on the team selected to go to the games. Zoey accepted the invite by attending.

Zoey was very excited for the opportunity to play among 14U players. As she arrived at opening ceremony nerves and anxiety set in, but once she met her teammates from all over the country she was ready to play.

Team Freedom, the team Lord played on, consisted of 11 girls and they competed in four games from Saturday Aug. 17 to Monday, Aug. 19. This was a learning and growing opportunity as a player and to meet new people/players from around the country and build lifetime friendships. It was about building inner character for Zoey and embracing new challenges.

Zoey didn’t expect to play much going into the games but was super excited to be selected as the starting pitcher going into games Saturday. Zoey registered as a third baseman, left fielder and pitcher for the team.

Zoey pitched in all four games and had an impressive outing in the two full games she pitched on Sunday. Zoey pitched to 36 batters allowing two earned runs total in two back-to-back games.

After pitching the two games the team competed in velocity, radar of pitching, and Lord was clocked at 52 mph.

Zoey was one of four girls on her team nominated to go on to the Elite All-American Games. Due to Ocean City being the last stop for the All-American games, Las Vegas Elite Games are full for November 2019. Lord hopes to compete in the next Elite All-American Games in the Spring of 2020.

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