CONCORD — Senate Republican Leader Chuck Morse (R-Salem) and Senator Jeb Bradley (R-Wolfeboro) issued the following statement after the inauguration of Governor Chris Sununu and the Executive Council:

“I would like to offer my congratulations to Governor Chris Sununu on being sworn in for a second term to lead our great state,” said Senate Republican Leader Chuck Morse (R-Salem).

“The legislature had the opportunity to work with him the last two years to build a budget and economy leading to more people working than ever before with record high take home pay. Senate Republicans will continue to support the fiscally responsible policies that have produced these results, keeping taxes low and always living within our means.”

“With Governor Sununu’s inauguration, New Hampshire has the opportunity to build upon the many economic gains that were made under Republican leadership the last two years,” said Senator Jeb Bradley (R-Wolfeboro).

“We prioritized the needs of those dealing with mental health and substance abuse issues and made sure everyone on the developmental disabilities wait list received the care they need, all while lowering tax rates for Granite Staters. New Hampshire now has the fastest growing economy in the region, has one of the top education systems in the country and is number one for overall child well-being.”

“Republican policies have raised the economic well-being of Granite Staters the last two years and I look forward to working with Governor Sununu as we continue to make New Hampshire a great place to live, work and raise a family” Morse added.

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