EIGHT YOUNG LADIES will compete for the title of Queen of the 104th Annual Newport Winter Carnival. They are all seniors or juniors at Newport High School. Front, from left, Kelsey Wheeler, Hailey Bent, Alexandra Richardson and Jenna Maheu. Back, Madison Hemingway, Pegg Greenhalgh and Allison Howald. Missing was Jasmyn Wilkinson.

NEWPORT — The lineup of queen candidates and princes and princesses who will be participating in the 104th Annual Newport Winter Carnival Feb. 12-16 has been announced.

Eight young ladies in Grades 11 and 12 at Newport High School will be competing for Queen of the Carnival and a large group of second graders from Richards School in Newport will be taking the stage as princes and princesses.

Six NHS seniors and two juniors will be competing for the title of Carnival Queen.

The seniors include Hailey Lugene-Maggie Bent, Peggy J. Greenhalgh, Allison Howald, Alexandra Richardson, Madison Rebecca Hemingway and Jasmyn Wilkinson. Candidates from the junior class are Jenna Maheu and Kelsey Wheeler.

Second-grade princes include Carter Beauchaine, Alexander Couitt, Tyler Milyaro, Taylor Russell and Blake Minckler.

Princeses are McKenzie Davis, Kensley Ayotte, Kileyannah Butler, Ciera Halamastis, Lucia Kathleen Merrigan, Isabella Rose Mull and Willow Putnam.

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