Newport Area Chamber of Commerce

Newport Area Chamber of Commerce

NEWPORT — The annual meeting of the Newport Area Chamber of Commerce attracted a crowd of 140 people Thursday night, Feb. 6, at the Newport Opera House.

Several awards were presented following the social hour, dinner and chamber business.

Student Achievement Awards went to Natasha Whipple and Mason Martell, both High Honor Roll students at Newport High School.

Whipple is president of the Class of 2020 and the daughter of Cary and Christy Whipple. Martell is president of the Student Council art the high school and son of Paula and Michael Martell.

The Distinguished Non Profit honors presented by Donna Mahair went to the Willey-Perra Christmas Giving program. Sturm, Ruger earned the Distinguished Business Award presented by Jim Burroughs and Vern Violette was honored with the Distinguished Citizen Award. Violette was unable to attend the ceremony.

The Chamber Executive Board for 2020 includes Donna Mahair, President; Shannon MacMichael, Vice President; Janice McMahon, Second Vice President; Jeannine Everitt, Treasurer; Steve Smith, Secretary, and Ella M. Casey, Executive Director.

Directors for three yeas are David Lantz, MJ Harrington’s; Sheila Rook, Claremont Savings Bank; Bandy Waterman, O’Halloran Group; Jeannine Everitt, Sugar River Bank; Theresa Sherman, Sunshine Realty and Ross Poisson, Sturm, Ruger.

Directors for two years are Chris Eldredge, McCrillis & Eldredge; Steve Smith, WCNL; Leigh Stocker, Summercrest; Donna Mahair, Petal Patch and Cody Morrison, Town of Newport.

Directors for one year are Janice McMahon, Realtor Retired; Shannon MacMichael, Noise “R” Us; Jane Rastallis, The Old Courthouse; Paul Brown, Town of Newport; Terri Spanos, Sugar River Bank and Malarie Starcher, Carroll Concrete.

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