SUGAR RIVER BANK in Newport provided plenty of pens for voters to use during Tuesday’s Newport School District voting session in the Town Hall. There was also a large jug of Hand Sanitizer on hand. Ballot clerks Karen Doucette and Margot Estabrook, Supervisors of the Checklist, gave out the pens at their table.

NEWPORT — The 2020-21 Newport School District operating budget calling for expenditures of $19,812,925 was approved by Newport voters Tuesday, 589-323.

If that budget request had been defeated the default budget of $20,305,815 would have kicked in.

That budget reflects an estimated increased of $159,501 and includes a one-year collective bargaining agreement reached between the Newport School Board and the Newport Support Staff . The vote was 589-323.

The article, generating an 18 cent tax increase, was recommended by the Budget Advisory Committee but did not receive the recommendation of the Newport School Board.

Also approved was Article 7 calling for $25,000 to be added to the Unanticipated Educational Services Capital Reserve Fund. That will add another six cents to the tax rate bringing that total anticipated increase to 24 cents per $1,000.

That Article won overwhelming voter approval, 669-239. There were 925 total votes cast.

Article 4, receiving gifts, was defeated 480-431. Other Articles that failed to gain approval was one to establish a contingency fund, 594-313; purchase of a bus for $40,000, 487-426; appropriating $125,000 from the Unanticipated Educational Services Capital Reserve Fund was voted down, 531-371. The School Board and Budget Advisory Committee both recommended this article.

The final article on the warrant authorizing the appropriation of $1 gained passage, 768-248. That $1 will allow the School District to increase that number should more funds be needed to cover deficit spending from 2019-20 without calling for a special school district meeting.

In the race for School Board, incumbent Jenna Darling won a three-year term by defeating newcomer Kurt Minich, 484-365.

William Howard Dunn was re-elected School District Moderator with 643 votes. Virginia Irwin received 141 write-in boxes. School District Treasurer and Clerk Robert Scott was unopposed in his big for one-year terms at those positions.

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