Edward G. Andersen

Edward G. Andersen

NEW LONDON — Police Chief Edward G. Andersen will retire as New London’s Chief of Police on March 31 but he has no intention of hanging up his uniform on April 1.

“I plan on continuing my service in Goshen, Andersen stated. “I’ll have more time for patrol and be back to more day shifts.”

He plans to work part-time in Goshen and he has another part-time job in the property management field. He’ll also be on duty in Sunapee as a member of the Sunapee School Board after being re-elected recently to another three-year term.

“I look forward to the new chapter in my life, it is a bittersweet moment,” he wrote in his retirement letter to Kimberly Hallquist, New London Town Administrator.

Andersen began his career in law enforcement as a member of the New London Cadet program in 1992 to see if law enforcement was the career for him.

His first position with the Town of New London was a part-time Communications dispatcher. “I realized New London was a perfect fit and I worked part-time as an officer and dispatcher, he said

Andersen said he was fortunate enough to be hired under a grant as a part-time officer and dispatcher with duties to enforce speed and cover accidents. “I continued with the department when a full time position became available and moved through the ranks over a period of 22-plusd years,” he related.

“To start your career as a Cadet and end as a Chief has been very rewarding. Each promotion brought new and different challenges and successes,” he stated.

His vision as a Chief was to have a department that provided service to the community that is respected. “I am very pleased with the current department and feel it brings a professional proactive service to the Town of New London that is community oriented.”

Now 46, Andersen said he has been privileged to work with the best community of residents, businesses and town employees. ‘New London has been very supportive of both my department and me personally. It has been such a pleasure to work with an outstanding town administrator for the last seven years as Police Chief as well as such a supportive group of selectmen. I will always feel like New London is home,” Andersen continued.

As for Goshen, Anderson said the job varies every week depending on the calls. “Every week is different.

He won’t be without help in Goshen. Sergeant Mike Batista works 16 hours a week and is also employed by the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Department. Officer Joseph Walz is another part-time Goshen officer, working 4-8 hours per week.

With summer not too far away, Andersen knows one of the busiest places in Goshen is Goshen Ocean. “Since 2015 it has just exploded and has been a best kept secret,” he revealed.

In 2017, Andersen said there were 64 arrests at that area for such things as alcohol, drugs, indecent exposure, littering and reckless driving.

When it was completed in 1981 it was a recreation pond and there was not supposed to be swimming in it, he noted.

Andersen said the thing he will miss the most about New London is probably the community. “Everywhere you went people would stop and wave to you. The Community itself was awesome.”

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