NEWPORT — Based on the 2019 Sullivan County tax rate announced last week, eight communities will see their contributions increasing while the remaining seven will be assessed at a lower number than 2018.

Hardest hit was Sunapee, which pays 28.3141 percent of the total bill or $3,852, 193, up $223,024.Charlestown’s share was up $42,805 and Plainfield saw an increase of $35,273.

The two largest communities in Sullivan County, Claremont and Newport, both came in at lower assessments than 2018. Claremont’s contribution was down $31,357 while Newport saw a savings of $18,362.

In his cover letter that was included with tax bills mailed to the 15 communities, County Manager Derek Ferland said the county voted to approve $13,605,228 as the amount raised by property taxes, which represented a 2.4 percent increase from the previous year.

“This continues over a decade of responsible fiscal performance and stable tax rates. Put into historical perspective, this year’s adjusted tax amount is less than what was raised in Fiscal Year 2002 through Fiscal Year 2015,” Ferland wrote.

Regarding this year’s tax apportionment, the County’s equalized value as calculated by the New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration increased by 7 percent ($323 million) compared to the previous year.

“The fact that equalized value increased more than taxes lowered the County’s average tax rate from $2.84 to $2.83 per $1,000 of assessed value. Note, however, this is the County-wide average and each municipality’s annual county tax rate will differ,” Ferland’s letter continued.

Overall, Sullivan County remains in a healthy financial position thanks to the leadership and shrewd financial management of the County’s department heads as well as the strong bi-partisan oversight provided by the Delegation’s Executive Finance Committee and Board of Commissioners, Ferland emphasized.

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