LINDA DAVIS of Newport would have to grow by several feet to compete with these 16-foot sunflowers growing on the side lawn of the home where she resides with her husband, Richard.

NEWPORT — Richard Davis of Newport didn’t bother reading the back of the package when he purchased sunflower seeds in the spring.

Actually, Davis said he forgot to bring along his glasses so that eliminated information about the seeds. He couldn’t read the printed information. He still made the purchase, however.

Once he returned home he slipped on his glasses and read the information on the back of the sunflower seed packet. “These seeds will grow from 12 to 16 feet tall,” the printed copy revealed.

Davis planted those seeds on a hillside next to his home. And when they started popping up he went to Step 2.

That included Miracle Gro to feed his hungry sunflower plants. He did this faithfully each week starting in May.

And the sunflower plants just kept on growing. The information on the back of the seed packet was correct. The plants reached the promised 16-foot height.

To keep the big plants from flopping over, he drove long sticks into the ground next to each one and tied the stock of the plant to the sticks and they just kept on growing.

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