JAY LUCAS of Sunshine Initiative, chats with Superintendent of Schools Brendan Minnihan during a meeting in Newport.

NEWPORT — The Newport Sunshine Initiative, a volunteer-based organization founded by Newport native Jay Lucas, hosted Brendan Minnihan, Superintendent of Newport Schools, as the featured speaker at their regular monthly meeting last week.

Minnihan shared an update on progress in the Newport school system since he took over as superintendent mid last year. The meeting was held at the Newport Library Arts Center. 

Minnihan highlighted the theme of ‘Positivity’ in his remarks, declaring that during the month of March, Newport schools would put a strong emphasis on positive achievements and supporting an overall positive spirit throughout the month. 

In particular, he noted the progress the schools have made toward establishing individual tracks that students can pursue that fit their own learning needs and objectives.

He described the three general tracks as a vocational/technical track, a work based learning track and an academic/scholarly track, each designed to promote optimal preparedness for the student. 

During a question and answer session, Minnihan also spoke about the increased level of discipline and positive morale that the schools have achieved. 

The meeting also received updates from several community leaders, including Cody Morrison, Newport Economic Development Coordinator and Meg Cowan, who is leading efforts to revitalize the historic Newport Opera House. 

With springtime around the corner and coming off an amazingly successful Guinness Book of World Records attempt this past fall, the community is in the planning and development phase on another attempt. 

“The Newport Sunshine Initiative is helping the community make a difference and plan for a future through the spirit of optimism and positivity. The energy and community engagement in our meeting tells us that our efforts are working,” said Jay Lucas 

Founded in 2018, members of the Newport Sunshine Initiative meet regularly and all meetings are open to the public. If you are interested an upcoming meeting or would like to present something that can make a difference in the sunshine town, please contact: info@newportsunshine.org

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