Virginia Irwin

Virginia Irwin

NEWPORT — Virginia Irwin, a household name in Newport and long-time public servant, is stepping down.

Irwin, 72, a member of the Newport School Board, has submitted her resignation to the Newport School District Office to be effective immediately.

Her resignation letter is expected to be read at tonight’s (Thursday, Aug. 8) meeting of the School Board in the Lou Thompson Room at Newport High School.

The four remaining members on the Board will likely seek out applicants interested in filling out the final year of Irwin’s two-year term. Her term would have expired in 2020

At the time of her resignation, Irwin was serving as the secretary of the School Board. Other members are Linda Wadensten, chair, Rhonda Callum-King, vice-chair, Ann Spencer and Russell Medbery.

“I am going to continue to be involved with the District working on the Region 10 renovation (Sugar River Valley Regional Technical Center), and work with the SAU 43 office to create a substitute handbook.

“I plan to give of my time, I just can’t go to meetings,” Irwin said during a telephone interview Wednesday morning.

“It was a good experience to be on the policy side of the District. I really feel like we made some progress and feel I’m stepping away at a pretty good time with the new Superintendent of Schools,” Irwin continued.

“I think we are on an upward slope, the finances are in good shape and I’m proud of the work I did.”

Irwin attended Nova Southeastern University; earned her BA in foreign relations from Belknap College and her MA in Education from Ohio State University in 1972.

She is a former member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives from District 6 (Sullivan) from 2012-14 and 2016-18. She was also a selectman in the Town of Newport from 1993 to 2014.

Her professional experience includes Library Arts Center, present; Director of Education, SAU 43,1998-2011; Interim Superintendent, SAU 43, 2008-11; Director of Education, New Hampshire Department of Education, 2007-08; State Director of Career and Technical Education, New Hampshire Department of Education, 1998-2000 and Bureau Administrator, State of New Hampshire, 1998-2008.

Also, Assistant Director of Volunteer and Special Events Coordinator, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, 1991-93; Vocational Director, Newport School District, 1993; owner, Soonipi Magazine, 1987-1991; Special Project Planner, State of New Hampshire Developmental Disabilities, Council, 1985-1987; Director of Social Services, Newport Hospital, 1980-1985; Rehabilitation Councilor II, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation,1977-1979, and Executive Director, Sullivan County Rehabilitation Services, 1975-1979.

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