An all around complete game on both offense and defense made for an easy win for the Kearsarge girls basketball team in a game against Souhegan at home at the Carl Hill game Wednesday night.

The first quarter was all Kearsarge after the Sabers scored the first basket. The Cougars the went on a 17 — 0 run to take control of the game. Kearsarge used its height advantage to grab most of the defensive boards in the first quarter that allowed Caroline Camp to move the ball up the floor quickly. “When you can control that end of the floor it really helps,” said Coach Roberts after the game. Roberts began the second quarter substituting freely and Souhegan made a couple of quick unanswered baskets. Coach Roberts called a time out and Kearsarge came back out on the floor and finished strong to go into the locker room at half time with a 25 — 10 lead. After the break the Cougars put the game away with a full court pressure defense which according to Roberts “was their goal tonight.” That caused many turn overs and easy baskets for Kearsarge. At the end of the third Kearsarge girls basketball team had increased their lead to 21 points over the visiting Sabers...The last quarter had many Kearsarge players getting some playing time and they continued to shoot well from all over the floor going inside, short range jumpers and also shooting a number of threes to win 58 — 34. The scoring was balanced between many Kearsarge players with Erin Wheeler leading the way with 16 points. After the game Coach Keith Roberts said”it might of been are best effort all year.” as he praised his team for their all around play. The win secured a place in the division II state tournament and Roberts is now looking for another win against Plymouth during senior night on Friday to “ get a better position in the tournament, that’s our goal”.

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