CONCORD — While it was the intention of the NHIAA to play the remaining games left in the tournaments, given the guidelines specified by Governor Chris Sununu, the NHDHHS, and the CDC in response to the escalating public health issue, this plan is no longer feasible.

Because of this, the NHIAA has made the difficult decision to cancel the remainder of the 2020 Winter Tournament events.

We recognize that this decision will be a disappointment to our student-athletes, coaches, and fans; yet given the uncertain nature of the weeks to come, we feel that there is no alternative. The NHIAA shares in the frustrations of our student-athletes, yet we hope this decision will allow them to move forward and adjust to the new normal of their educational experience for the next several weeks. A decision will be made later this week on how to best recognize State Champions in tournaments that were cancelled.

Regarding spring sports, as Governor Sununu has issued guidance for schools to be closed until April 3, the start of the spring season will be delayed.

As of now, the first date to practice spring sports will be Monday, April 13. The first date to play will be Monday, April 27.. We will closely monitor developments with the COVID-19 pandemic and should we need to adjust these dates, we will do so as necessary. It is our intention to hold open tournaments at the end of the regular season for each division.

As stated last week, we ask for everyone’s patience, cooperation, and understanding as we navigate these uncharted waters.

The NHIAA will keep its member schools updated on any further developments. Thank you for your understanding and patience as we join the effort to plateau the spread of COVID-19 in New Hampshire.

Jeffrey Collins, Executive Director, (603) 228-8671

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