The governor has declared that there will not be any in-person graduation ceremony this year. Due to COVID-19, many social gathering restrictions are still in place and will be for an undetermined amount of time. To that end, the Bellows Falls Alumni Association has decided to postpone Alumni Weekend. We are all so very sad that we cannot celebrate together on Father’s Day weekend and welcome in our newest alumni.

The good news is Alumni Weekend will be rescheduled for Sept. 25-27. This date coincides with the Bellows Falls High School’s Homecoming Weekend and it is our hope that many graduates from 2020 will be able to make it home to celebrate and be welcomed into the Alumni Association. All alumni festivities will be celebrated that weekend just as we do in June with the exception of alumni sports games. Alumni dances will be held on Friday, Sept. 25; alumni reunions will be held on Saturday, Sept. 26; and our beloved alumni parade will be held on Sunday, Sept. 27. In addition, there are many home sporting events held that weekend for our alumni to attend.

We are counting on our alumni to come and celebrate in September just as you have always done in June. So start planning your reunions, start designing your floats and plan your travel for September to celebrate BFHS Alumni Weekend!

Please keep in mind that while we are moving forward with planning for Sept. 25-27, the pandemic is an ever-changing situation and if there are regulations beyond our control, the weekend may be subject to change.

Please reach out to our association with any questions you may have or any assistance you may need.

2020 alumni officers

President Jill James, (802) 598-6204,

1st Vice President (Parade) Stacey Reeve, (603) 726-0725,

2nd Vice President (Waypoint Dance) Katie Elliott, (802) 735-3938,

Local Dues Heather Murphy, (802) 345-2010,

Treasurer Darlene Kelly, (802) 733-7476,

Secretary Jessica Illingworth, (802) 376-4208,

ABC Chairman Chad Illingworth, (802) 376-4207,

Scholarship Chairman Thomas MacPhee, (802) 463-3356,

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