Disnard's top readers

The students who won the Read-A-Thon during April Vacation relax with their new books after visiting Violet’s Book Exchange in downtown Claremont. Winners included Zandra Thompson, Zachary Undeen, Emma Gay, Marina Williams, Raelynn Cobb, Faith Seale, Sophia Farris, Alhan Raja, Zoey Foster, Pranjal Paudel, Kyle Premo, Tyler Haag, Fenexia Brow, Faith Pillsbury, Payton Ferland, Natalee Grenier, Kord Hinkley, Price Sangroula, and Bailey St. Sauveur.

CLAREMONT — Children at Disnard Elementary School who read the most over the April vacation  were treated to a harvest of books at Violet's Book Exchange on May 8. A total of 19 winning readers traveled to the book store on Opera House Square to spend up to $7 on books of their own. 

Title I teacher Chelsea Helgerson said, “We did it in two rounds. Some of the kids had never been to a bookstore, or even a public library.”  

Kids logged how many minutes they spent reading over April vacation to qualify to win. One child logged 2,100 minutes; others 240 or 270 minutes. There were winners in every grade from kindergarten to fifth grade. 

Title I is a federal grant program that provides assistance to local schools with high percentages of low-income students to help them meet state academic standards. Out of the grant the local grantees pay for teachers' salaries and supplies. 

Helgerson said this is at least the second year they've taken kids to Violet's for books. “It's really awesome we've got this local store to take them to,” she said. “They were beyond excited, to say the least.”

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