02202021 Molly Hodsden

Molly Hodsden

It is a pleasure to announce that Molly Hodsden has been named the January Elks Student of the Month for Bellows Falls Union High School. Molly, a senior, is the daughter of Chris and Jean Hodsden of Bellows Falls.

Molly is a dedicated student who works hard in her classes. Determined to do well, she puts a great amount of time, energy and effort into every class and every assignment. She consistently devotes many hours to projects and assignments because she can’t “settle” for a “good enough” outcome for anything. She clearly understands the connection between hard work and success. Always willing to bring her own insights and experiences into class discussions, Molly is a pleasure to work with.

She has a positive attitude and is legitimately looking to make the world a greater place. She is an asset to any class or group that she joins, and is well respected by her classmates and the staff at BFUHS. Always willing to help, she goes out of her way to support her friends, classmates and teammates.

Molly rarely misses school. She attends because she loves school and wants to be there every day. Not only does Molly attend school every day, but she is engaged and active in the educational process participating fully in discussions and asking insightful questions which lead to good conversations.

A well rounded student, Molly is also involved in various activities in the BFUHS school community; she loves school activities. Over the years, she has dedicated herself to athletics, band, drama, math team, class officer work and Student Council. In her role as Captain of the State Champion Girls Cross Country team she served as a good role model who went out of her way to make sure that all members of the team felt welcome and felt like they were a part of the group.

Molly also represents the BFUHS community positively in community events. Molly has volunteered for her church working at the soup kitchen, and was a regular volunteer on the Santa Express middle school band fundraiser, even after she left the middle school. She was an active participant in the local racial bias protest that was organized this past summer.

Obviously deserving of this award, BFUHS and the Elks are proud to have Molly represent us this month.

Congratulations, Molly.

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