05082021 BSA Troop 38 Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) District Commander Tom St. Pierre Flag Retirement

Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) District Commander Tom St. Pierre, right, talks with members of BSA Troop 38 prior to a retirement ceremony of an American flag from the Charlestown Memorial VFW Post 8497 on Saturday, May 8, 2021.

CHARLESTOWN — BSA Troop 38 got to learn a little bit of history and the significance of properly retiring an American flag from the Charlestown Memorial Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 8497. VFW District Commander Tom St. Pierre officiated a short ceremony with other members of the VFW before guiding the scout troop in the proper disposal of the American colors. The Troop learned the significance of the ceremony, its purpose, and then assisted in the retirement of approximately ninety flags that were worn, torn, or otherwise not serviceable.

“I’m glad we could come and lend a helping hand,” said Alex Herzog, the Troop’s Scoutmaster and an Army veteran. “I look for these types of moments to help instill respect for our nation’s flag in my troop.”

After all the accrued American flags were retired, Scout Master Alex Herzog then instructed his scouts in the proper triangular folding of the flag before presenting one to the Commander of Claremont’s VFW, James England.

If the general public has an American flag that is frayed, torn, or degraded, they are encouraged to deposit that flag at their nearest Veterans of Foreign Wars Post so it may be properly retired. For Charlestown residents, there is a box outside the Post marked specifically for flags to be retired at the Charlestown Memorial VFW located on 365 Lovers Lane. For Claremont residents, American flags may be deposited at the Claremont VFW Post located on 150 Charlestown Road.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars is a nationally chartered veterans service organization dedicated to assisting veterans and their family members in the community. In addition to flag retirement, the VFW also provides veteran relief services and promotes pride in service to one’s nation.

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