The Lake Sunapee Region Center for the Arts is pleased to announce the winners of the inaugural Teen Writers Project Competition. This competition was open to local students between the ages of 12 and 18 in the categories of non-fiction, fiction and poetry.

Luna Landers of New London, first-place recipient in the category of fiction, Her inspiration for writing comes from her friends and family who enjoy reading her works, including “What Friends are For,” a piece submitted to the competition, which she says was inspired by her “desire to go outside my comfort zone.”

For Kararina Nowicki of Wilmot, winner in the non-fiction category, capturing the complexity of the world around her in simple yet profound words has always been a passion. “Writing brings people together,” Nowicki said. “What greater purpose is there than that?”

First-place recipient in the poetry category, Lilah Bartholomew sees writing not as a mere pasttime but an artform that transcends time and place. “[Writing] gives me a limitless freedom to do whatever I want and challenges me to create intriguing stories that people can relate to and enjoy,” Bartholomew said.

Non-fiction1. Katarina Nowicki: “Borrowed Time”

2. Eliza Cardillo: “Vacationland”

3. Bella Foroohar: “The Power of Positive Thinking” (thanks to Lisa Cicoria at KRHS)

Fiction1. Luna Landers: “What Friends are For” (thanks to Jeff Maguire at KRMS)

2. Clare McIntyre: “The Meaning of Life” (thanks to Jacklyn Angell)

3. McHale Cahill: “Goldfinch” (thanks to Mr. Coverdale at Sunapee HS)

Runner-up: Alaina Tilton: “2057”

Honorable Mention: Evan Menard: “The Regression of a Man”

Poetry1. Lilah Bartholomew: “Silence”

2. Analiese Blasingame: “An Endless Endeavor” (thanks to Ms. Shanks)

3. Zinnia McGowan: “Watch the Sky”

The entries were judged by local author and award-winning writer, Megan Baxter, who teaches creative writing at Colby Sawyer College. As Megan wrote to the chosen winners, “In these challenging times, when COVID has transformed the educational and artistic landscape…the fact that you turned to writing and continue to pursue your interest in the arts is particularly noteworthy. The arts often offer the best solace to the crushes of fear, anxiety, and change that can overwhelm us.” Megan sums up the reason the Center for the Arts continues to offer support to local teachers who are struggling to maintain arts education and to students by providing a platform to express their creativity, during this difficult time.

The winning authors and their submissions are posted on the CFA website. Please read and discover the talent that abounds in our community.

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