07172021 CCG&G

Chester Community Greenhouse & Gardens (CCG&G) board members Cheryl Joy Lipton, Kate Matracia, Tim Roper, Luna Burkland, Melody Reed, and Robert Nied pose for a photo.

Out of a passion for gardening and wanting to help new gardeners during the pandemic, a Facebook page was created called “Victory Gardening for the 21st Century.” Since then, a group of gardeners have met weekly via Zoom.

From here a small group of folks got together to discuss the possibility of creating a community greenhouse. Serendipity stepped in shortly thereafter and the group found themselves in possession of a donated 3,200-square-foot historic Lord & Burnham Greenhouse.

Chester Community Greenhouse & Gardens (CCG&G), a 501©(3) nonprofit organizations, was born.

Their search for a downtown location for the greenhouse began in earnest a year ago, and the group hopes to begin the process of reconstruction in the spring of 2022.

Community greenhouses work much like community gardens where people can rent a garden plot or raised bed for a nominal fee.

“It’s all very exciting to envision this beautiful greenhouse in the heart of our community that will allow folks, who might not otherwise have the space, to be able to grow their own food,” said board member Melody Reed.

There will also be taller raised beds for the older folks and accessible garden tables for wheelchair-bound gardeners.

The greenhouse will be a source for learning for both students and adults alike and various educational workshops will be offered. Crafts workshops with a gardening theme are another possibility.

“We are very fortunate to have really great people on our board,” said Cheryl Joy Lipton, president of CCG&G, adding that their newest member has been researching various grants.

Grants, especially government grants, can require a lot of paperwork best done by a professional, which leads to the crux of this story: CCG&G is now seeking a certified public accountant (CPA). Nonprofit experience is desired, especially experience working with government grants. The ideal candidate will have a passion for community service and be willing to accept tax deductible, in-kind donation receipts for the accounting service provided.Duties include, but are not limited to, completing and filing all necessary tax documents, managing accounts receivable and accounts payable, logging each donation, ensuring funds are used properly, and generating periodic reports for the CCG&G Board. Knowledge of the US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) a plus.To send a letter of interest to Chester Community Greenhouse& Gardens, go to www.chestergreenhouse.org/contact-usor email chestergreenhouse @gmail.com.

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