0208 LeBlanc Design Award Renovation

Tedd LeBlanc, 52, of Crown Point Cabinetry in Claremont, holds his 2020 New Hampshire Homes Award for best kitchen design (renovation category). LeBlanc received the award at a ceremony in Manchester last month.

CLAREMONT — A Crown Point Cabinetry design project was named on the list of Top 10 New Hampshire home designs of 2020, according to New Hampshire Business Review.

Tedd LeBlanc, a Claremont native and designer for Crown Point Cabinetry located in the city, won New Hampshire Home magazine’s 2020 Best Kitchen Design: Renovation award for his project at a New London residential home.

“For me, as well as Crown Point, it is definitely an accomplishment,” LeBlanc told the Eagle Times on Friday.

For LeBlanc, the recognition validates Crown Point Cabinetry’s mission as a company: to listen to clients, incorporate their ideas and work with clients to make a workable design.

“It’s really about listening to what the clients want and giving them a functional, well-designed kitchen,” he said.

LeBlanc and nine additional designers received their awards at a ceremony on Jan. 22 at the Manchester Country Club. The categories, in addition to kitchen design renovation, were: bath; interior; architectural; green; kitchen; new construction; outdoor; remodeling; small home; specialty room; and home of the year.

Projects for consideration had to be homes located in New Hampshire, though the designers included many in surrounding states like Massachusetts. To ensure objective judging, project entries were sent to a panel of judges from architectural firms located in Rhode Island. The judges did not have the names of the designers or companies whose projects they were judging, according to LeBlanc.

LeBlanc worked in construction and sales before joining Crown Point Cabinetry’s sales team 10 years ago, where he learned design.

His background in construction, home renovation and sales definitely helped in his transition to home cabinetry design, according to LeBlanc. In addition to his sales skill that he developed while working for companies like Budweiser and Pepsi, LeBlanc’s construction experience in home renovation built a familiar foundation in working with designers and architects.

“[Learning design at Crown Point Cabinetry] seemed like a good fit for me, and it has been,” LeBlanc said.

In his training through Crown Point Cabinetry, LeBlanc spent much of his first year in classrooms and on the factory floor, where he learned the inner workings of cabinetry and the process of design and installation and using computer-aided design (CAD) software, among other content. The remainder of his learning came through on-the-job experience.

LeBlanc said that a good design project is a company-team effort, involving everyone from the ownership, drafters to cabinet builders.

“The work they do makes my job easier,” he said, explaining that design work relies as much on the quality of the products as the selling.

The award-winning New London project took between four to five months to complete, beginning from the homeowners’ first visit at Crown Point Cabinetry.

“It was a great project to do,” LeBlanc said. “Everyone worked well together.”

LeBlanc joined the project through the project’s general contractor, Don Holmes, owner of Homes by Holmes, of Grantham. The design project included a wet bar, the main kitchen section and a storage area. The cabinets were from the company’s “select line,” a two-year-old limited edition custom line, whose dimensions can be customized to a one-inch width. The industry standard for cabinets is three inches.

LeBlanc said that being able to customize to one-inch provides more spatial flexibility and circumvents having to install two or three inches of filler to make the cabinets fit the space.

This was LeBlanc’s third New Hampshire Homes design award. He received two awards in 2018, one for kitchen and another for bath.

LeBlanc was raised in Claremont and was a resident for 40 years. He now lives in Manchester, where he has closer proximity to many of his projects. Most of his work is concentrated along the coast, such as the Massachusetts locales of Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, Rhode Island. He also has clientele in southern New Hampshire and Vermont ski areas.

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