07032020 LSEVT 2020 Class

LSEVT 2020 Class at Vermont State House in Montpelier (left to right): Karen Bolster, Brattleboro Retreat; Elisha Underwood, Brattleboro Memorial Hospital; Dasha Good, HCRS; Stacy Garciadealba, Vermont 211; Tony Ingram, Brattleboro Housing Partnerships; Karen Fortier, Brattleboro Savings & Loan; Carrie Kellow, Mascoma Bank; Vanessa Santana, Turning Point of Windham County; Nicole Picard, Claremont Savings Bank; MJ Trask, Vermont Adult Learning; Amy Duffy, Edward Jones; Kelen Beardsley, Trout River Brewing Company. Not Pictured: Madison Moreau, Dragonfly Designs.

SPRINGFIELD, Vt. — On Thursday, June 25, the 2020 graduating class of Leadership Southeast Vermont (LSEVT) attended their virtual commencement ceremony. Twelve participants received completion certificates, the culmination of 10 months of education, collaboration and community impact work. Members of the steering committee, colleagues, family and friends listened as participants presented their projects virtually during the graduation, sharing their perspectives and creations. Art projects included a painting, photo collages, videos, and a poem. Acting CEO of Springfield Medical Care Systems Josh Dufresne was the keynote speaker.

This year’s class was the 20th class to graduate since the program’s inception

“ The most impactful thing I learned during this program were all the opportunities to volunteer and give back to my community,” said Carrie Kellow of Mascoma Bank in Springfield. “There were many more opportunities than I had previously been aware of. I plan to start utilizing those opportunities soon to support my community and those that are trying to make a difference. I learned a lot from this program and believe that it helped broaden my perspective to the many ways that people can contribute to make our communities better.”

“When thinking about our leadership program and how it’s informed my perspective on leadership there is one thing that sticks out most clearly to me: this program has affirmed for me that there is a place for introverts in positions of leadership which truly is a breath of fresh air to feel,” Karen Fortier of Brattleboro Retreat. “Having this reaffirmed through listening to several successful leaders increased my confidence in my perspective of how I can see myself succeeding in a leadership role.”

“The most impactful thing that I learned in LSEVT class is that being a leader is situational and anyone can do it... if they’re passionate enough about the situation, courageous enough to take a stand and in some cases just more willing to do whatever it takes for the greater good of the team,” said Tony Ingram of Brattleboro Housing Partnerships.

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