Elks Student of the Month for May

Brooke Bennett

BELLOWS FALLS, Vt. — It is a pleasure to announce that Brooke Bennett has been named the May Elks Student of the Month for Bellows Falls Union High School. Brooke, a senior, is the daughter of Bill and Jackie Bennett of Bellows Falls.

Brooke is an incredibly conscientious student who goes above and beyond with every major assignment. Always willing to work to improve, she often meets with her teachers for clarification and input in the planning stages of assignments. She is receptive to feedback and is attentive to details. Responsible and active in class, she asks questions, offers insightful responses and is willing to help others understand concepts when needed. She is a pleasure to have in the classroom. Brooke comes to school every day with a desire to learn, and she works hard in her classes. When she misses school, which is a rare event, she is proactive in getting her assignments completed.

With a positive attitude, Brooke is willing to offer a friendly hello or smile to everyone she meets. She is a benefit to every class and activity she is a part of. As captain of the BFUHS softball team, she has served as a positive role model and leader. She works hard to raise the spirits of her teammates, shows great sportsmanship and represents BFUHS in a positive way.

Not only an asset in the classroom, Brooke is a fun, bubbly athlete who participated in field hockey and softball at BFUHS. She is a member of the Marilee Huntoon, Jesse A. Judd Chapter of the National Honor Society and has helped her community by volunteering with the Rockingham recreational youth field hockey and softball programs.

Clearly deserving of recognition, BFUHS and the Elks are proud to have Brooke represent us as a Student of the Month.

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