SPRINGFIELD, Vt. — Enrollment is now open for “Girls Making Games,” a new weeklong computer science camp teaching girls in grades 6 through 12 how to design and program video games. Girls will learn the fundamentals of game development while working in teams to create fully functional games. Coders, game designers, and camp leaders from two Vermont organizations, GameTheory and Rad Magpie, will run the program.

The camp is free and open to girls entering sixth through 12th grades this fall regardless of where they attend school. It will take place at Riverside Middle School and run from July 22-July 29 for sixth-eighth graders and July 29-Aug. 2 for ninth-12th graders.

The Girls Making Games summer experience is made possible thanks to funding from the Vermont

Community Foundation and a collaboration between the Springfield School District, GameTheory , Rad Magpie, and the Black River Innovation Campus .

“Making games is a great combination of creativity and problem solving. I love being able to tell stories with games every day and think it’s a great experience to dive into for a few weeks! You learn so much about empathy, working on a team, creating art, and working with computer science to make something your own.” Marguerite Dibble, President and CEO of GameTheory. Superintendent Zach McLaughlin explained, “As a district, we are thrilled to be offering this opportunity. ‘Girls Making Games’ represents another step forward in our desire to turn our partnership with BRIC into a launching pad for our students and the region. Our goal is to give our students learning experiences broaden their minds and their opportunities. These free camps will give students the chance to be creative side-by-side cutting edge members of the gaming industry.”

“Rad Magpie is focused on attracting diverse students to game development, bringing them to the industry, and mentoring them to create diverse games to a diverse gaming audience. That audience will in turn become our new developers, and the cycle of equity continues. Having a lightweight camp that helps girls explore this field is a great step towards that goal!” Kel Bachus, creator of Rad Magpie Parents and guardians can sign students up by filling out a short enrollment form . No laptop is needed to participate. Participants are highly encouraged to attend every day of the program as they will be working in teams to design and program games. More information is available at www.bricvt.org/ camps .

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