CLAREMONT — The cloudy skies were mostly cooperative, or at least reasonable, during Claremont’s daytime Halloween festivities as area children went trick-or-treating with their families at local businesses downtown, an annual Halloween tradition.

With weather forecasts yesterday afternoon reporting high chances of rain and wind, many communities in the valley opted to postpone their annual festivities to Friday.

Claremont’s Department of Parks and Recreation, which sponsors the city’s Hallowesta event, decided to stay the course. And other than a brief shower, shortly after 5 p.m., during the costume contest judging at Broad Street Park, weather posed little more than a misty drizzle during the afternoon.

Most families in attendance appeared to have prepared for bad weather. When the short downpour began, a wave of umbrellas went up.

Families began trick-or-treating along Pleasant Street and the Opera House Square at 3 p.m.

Participating business owners either set up candy outside their storefront or stationed themselves inside, leaving an orange Hallowesta stop sign posted to their front door to notify children they had candy.

The Claremont Police and Fire Departments monitored street traffic and public safety during the event.

At 4:45 p.m., families assembled into a parade line on Pleasant Street and walked to Broad Street Park for the costume contest.

Claremont’s three elementary school principals — Kathleen Bunnell, of Maple Avenue Elementary; Dale Chenette, of Bluff; and Melissa Lewis, of Disnard — served as judges. Categories were the following: Most Creative, Cutest, Group, Funniest and Best Overall.

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Looks like the kids had a good time. No wonder nobody showed up at my house for candy. I had enough for 50 kids. Now I have to eat it myself :-)

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