Troop 38 scouts Ben Mason, left, Aubree Herzog, Trevor Adams, Ciaran Adrian; Troop 38 Scout Leaders Tom Liveston and Alex Herzog; Rolling Thunder®, Inc., N.H. Chapter 2 members Charles Lewis, Bill DuFour (Chapter President), Debi Dufour, and Jim Campbell, right, stand proudly as a check of $250 is presented to Boy Scouts Troop 38 on Thursday, Oct. 17, 2019. In back, N.H. Chapter 2 members Marsha Bailey and Earnie Lord.

CLAREMONT — Rolling Thunder®, Inc., N.H. Chapter 2, a veterans advocacy group based in Claremont, donated $250 to Claremont’s Boy Scout Troop 38 for the troop’s Popcorn for the Troops fundraiser. The annual fundraiser raises money to help scouts attend camp during the summer.

Rolling Thunder is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to raise public awareness about American prisoners of war and soldiers missing in action. The organization also raises money to help veterans in need, according to Chapter President Bill DuFour, who presented the check to Troop 38.

Popcorn for the Troops, an exclusive fundraiser of the Boy Scouts of America, raises money through selling a variety of flavored popcorn. A unique twist from similar fundraisers, customers can choose to send the popcorn they purchase to military troops rather than keeping the popcorn for themselves.

Charles Lewis, treasurer of N.H. Chapter 2, said that donating the money through Popcorn for the Troops is a great way to benefit both the scouts and soldiers.

The scouts can either select which popcorn to send or pass the money to the military to make the selections, according to Alex Herzog, scoutmaster to Troop 38.

“As a former soldier, any gift I got in the mail I would have taken it,” Herzog said in regards to how much the soldiers enjoy the popcorn.

DuFour said that their chapter holds fundraisers throughout the year, including their motorcycle rides and Dining for a Cause, where the chapter books a dinner at a local restaurant, which in turn donates 15 percent of the bill to the chapter’s charitable donation fund.

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