A Better Life

Author Norma Murphy

NEWBURY — Author Norma Murphy’s first novel was born from emotion and panic after she awakened from a dream in which she had kidnapped a little girl. “When I woke up, I had to write it all down and I’ve been writing ever since, more than 15 years now,” she said.

“A Better Life” tells the story of Jenny, who takes a child from the back seat of a car and raises her with her boyfriend, Gene. Their life as a family is complicated by Jenny’s erratic behavior and Gene’s frequent absences, but their bonds are truly tested when Margaret learns of her abduction and leaves home to seek answers about who she really is.

Murphy said she does not have a complete story in her mind when she writes, but she does have characters and a scene or two and starts there. “The more I write, the more I learn — about the story and most importantly, about the characters,” she said. “I am currently working on my second novel and am fortunate to have characters who are gradually willing to reveal their true selves to me, trusting me to tell their story.”

The author says she does her best writing early in the morning and the best place for her to write is at her home on Lake Todd in Newbury. Murphy’s primary residence is in Lowell, Massachusetts, where she was born and raised.

In addition to writing, Murphy enjoys reading, traveling, and discussing her novel with book clubs. She also maintains a blog found at norma-murphy.com/.

“A Better Life” is available at Barnes & Noble; Gibson’s Bookstore in Concord; MainStreet BookEnds in Warner; Morgan Hill Bookstore in New London; several Massachusetts bookstores; and on Amazon.com.

Murphy is a member of the New Hampshire Writers’ Project. Founded in 1988, the New Hampshire Writers’ Project (NHWP) is the state’s largest literary arts nonprofit organization. The NHWP fosters and celebrates New Hampshire writers and provides a supportive community to writers of all ages, experience levels, backgrounds and genres. NHWP core programs, publications, website and annual 603 Writers’ Conference provide writers and readers with opportunities to meet each other, network and learn more about the art of writing and the business of publishing.

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