Honorary donations received through Dec. 20, 2018

In honor of the following: Of all your good works from Anonymous; Donna Dawson from Susan Auslander; Westminster Cares from Bill Smidutz; Phyllis Anderson from Bonnie Anderson, Don Anderson and Robert Rhodes; Don and Donna Dawson from Gina Carucci;

Susan Clifford from Reilly Clark; Donna Dawson for all your hard work and caring from Kevin and Beth Shrader; Alma Beals from Allison and David Deen;

In honor and memory of the founders Westminster Cares

Memorial donations received through Dec. 20, 2018

In memory of the following: Friends in Westminster who have recently passed from Mary Brandt; Ralph and Signa Buck from Don and Nancy Adams; Germaine (Gerri) Palmer from Nancy and Leonard Farrar; Hocker and Connie Harlow from Susan J. Harlow; Gordon “Buddy” Toussaint and Joanne Cordano from Sharon Boccelli; Phillip Wilson from Linda Wilson; Ralph Harlow from Bettina Berg and Chris Harlow; Joanne Scoppa Cordano from Don and Donna Dawson; Joyce L. Gay from Sandra Gaspardino; Jacqueline S. Johnson from Lisa and Jim Calchera; Bob Davis from John Benzaia; “Fallen Firefighters” from Sheldon and Betsy Beebe; Lester Cook from Miriam and Larry Lanata; Jamie C. Latham from Alison Latham; Janet Young from Francis Rogenski; Leslie Avis and Harold Dodge from Verna Newcomb; Jay and Larry Hammond from Marty Hammond; Joan Smidutz from David and MaryJo Robbins; Dorothy Palumbo from Susan Colby; Clifton N. Cooke from Lyn Cooke;Walter J. Kurkul, Sr. from Charlotte Kurkul; Lloyd E. Church from Carol Church; Walt and Pat Jennison from Janet Manzolillo and Linda Jennison; Harold F. Angers from Barbara Angers; Charles and Elizabeth Langmuir from Peggy and Dirk Jager; Bruce Miller from Joyce H. Miller; Dot and Ernie Hogan from Ed Hindes; David L. Williams from Elizabeth K. Williams; Ralph Harlow from Lori Larue; Paul Chaffee from Lillian Chaffee; Jim Grandy from Ruth Grandy; departed friends, neighbors and classmates from Peter and Judy Harrison; Alfred Pucci from Norma Pucci

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