WOODSTOCK, Vt.-- Billings Farm & Museum announces the results of the 2019 “People's Choice" awards for the 33rd Annual Quilt Exhibition, held July 27 – September 15, 2019.

Over 15,000 visitors viewed the exhibition and nearly 1,000 ballots were cast for favorite quilts.

The results: Full size quilts: First place: Cathedral Window – Audrey Ward, Barnard; Second Place: Fiery Stars in the Garden – Josette M. Jones, Windsor; Third Place: Double Wedding Ring – Sandra S. Palmer, Hartland. Small/Medium size quilts: First:

15 White Sheep – Beverly T. Ricker; Wilder; Second: Craning to Talk to the Moon – Judi Simon-Bouton, Hartford; Third: Circle #1 – Linda Diak, Chester.

At the exhibition opening, the Jurors’ Choice Awards were presented to Chance Palmer of Hartland, for his quilt, Vermont Wild Animals Out at Night, by juror Colleen O’Neil; In the Direction of Life, made by Susan Damone Balch of Reading, selected by juror Kathie Beltz; Lynne Croswell of Ludlow, was selected by juror Faith Evans for her quilt X Marks the Spot. The Billings Farm & Museum Staff Choice was awarded to Josette M. Jones of Windsor, for her quilt Fiery Stars in the Garden.

The Billings Farm & Museum is owned and operated by The Woodstock Foundation. For further information: 802/457-2355 or www.billingsfarm.org.

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