Rotary Scholarship winners

Pictured above are the six scholarship recipients. The top row represents students from Black River High School; from left to right, they are Ryan Boyle, Lucas DeArruda, and Aaron Merrill. The second row represents students from Green Mountain Union High School; they are, from left to right, Keegan Ewald, Alyssa Ripley, and Chelsea Rose.

LUDLOW, Vt. — The Ludlow Rotary has continued its long tradition of awarding scholarships to eligible graduating high school seniors in Ludlow, Mt. Holly, Plymouth and Cavendish. In both 2019 and 2018, Ludlow Rotary funded scholarships aggregating $9,000 — up 50% from recent years. Including those awarded in 2019, the Ludlow Rotary has now provided more than $260,000 in scholarships to local graduating seniors, mostly from funds raised at the annual Ludlow Rotary Penny Sales.

In addition to the scholarships described above, the Ludlow Rotary was requested to award $3,000 of scholarships funded by the Anthony Marro Memorial Trust to students of Ludlow residency.

Recipients were selected on the basis of the following criteria: scholastic achievement, financial need, realistic goals, extracurricular activities and community service.

The 2019 Ludlow Rotary Scholarships are awarded to graduating seniors from Black River High School (BRHS) and Green Mountain Union High School (GMUHS), as follows:

$2,000 Daniel E. Kesman Memorial Scholarship (emphasis on academic performance) to Ryan Boyle of BRHS.

$2,000 Robert W. Kirkbride Rotary Scholarship (emphasis on community service) to Aaron Merrill of BRHS.

$2,000 Ralph D. Hogancamp Vocational Scholarship to Keegan Ewald of GMUHS.

$1,000 traditional scholarship to Lucas DeArruda of BRHS.

$1,000 traditional scholarship awarded to Alyssa Ripley of GMUHS.

$1,000 traditional scholarship awarded to Chelsea Rose of GMUHS.

The $1,500 Anthony Marro Memorial Trust Scholarships were awarded to Ryan Boyle and Aaron Merrill, both of BRHS.

Daniel Kesman and Ralph Hogancamp were legendary members of the Ludlow Rotary, which is celebrating its 92nd year of service to the community in 2019. Robert Kirkbride is an active member of the Ludlow Rotary and has been for more than 60 years – an amazing record.

For further information, contact Tim Faulkner, Ludlow Rotary Scholarship Chair, at For information about individual or new business memberships in the Ludlow Rotary and its projects, visit

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