CLAREMONT — Applying for a job can be confusing and frustrating so knowing techniques that will make the process go more smoothly can help. The tuition-free WorkReadyNH program at River Valley Community College offers a three week course that prepares you for the workforce whether you have no experience or many years of work experience, little education or are at a graduate level, a young or mature worker.

Included in the program is 60 hours of professional soft skills training that includes communication, problem solving, critical thinking, and team building as well as workplace reading, math, and graphic literacy skills.

An experienced trainer will address resumes and interviews and professionals from the community come in and offer valuable advice. Daynia Langlois, Regional VP of Leddy Group Staffing Agency offers her professional expertise and does mock interviews with participants.

Langlois said, “Employers are impressed when they see WorkReadyNH on a resume and want to interview graduates. They understand the value of soft skills training and appreciate a well-written resume and strong interview skills.”

She added, “When you go for an interview be sure to dress for success by wearing clean clothes that are appropriate for the position and avoid shorts, tank tops, jeans, and sneakers. Make a good first impression by arriving five minutes early, shake hands with the interviewer, smile, speak clearly, and have good eye contact. Be prepared by having extra resumes with you and a notebook and ask questions about the job. Do your research on the company before going to the interview and practice standard interview questions. Always reach out to your professional references before applying for the job and ask them if they are okay with you using them and always understand what job you are interviewing for. Know your strengths and weaknesses and be prepared to talk about them.”

To learn more about WorkReadyNH or to join the tuition-free class in Claremont that will be held Aug. 26 – Sept.16 Monday – Friday from 9 – 3, contact WorkReadyNH by going to , or 603-543-4585.

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