The James Tasker Covered Bridges Fund was established in 1999 as a donor advised fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation’s Upper Valley Region. The purpose of the fund is to support worthy endeavors which foster the wellbeing of the residents of Plainfield, Cornish and Meriden, with particular emphasis on activities which bring people together in common cause.

Priority consideration will be give to the following: music, drama and art events; lectures and discussions; conservation; historic preservation, renewal of public buildings; and programs for children and the elderly.

Fund advisors look for opportunities where a modest amount of funding can help an organization in Plainfield, Meriden or Cornish accomplish a significant result and help pay for projects that otherwise might not be possible. Fund advisors will give priority consideration to projects that

-Unite neighborhood residents and help bring neighborhoods together, and

-Foster community well-being in the Plainfield-Meriden-Cornish area.

The Fund is not intended to support endeavors that benefit an individual or very small group, such as scholarships; not is it intended to support activities that are funded from public sources.

In 2018, grants totaling $2,780 were awarded to four organizations.

Grant Application Process

We accept grant applications from organizations recognized as tax-exempt under Section 501©(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and from public agencies. Other organizations or community groups who do not have 501©(3) status may apply if a tax-exempt organization or public agency acts as a fiscal sponsor.

Applications should include background information on the organization, the purpose of the project, a project budget, the contact name or responsible party, a list of board members and a copy of the IRS 501©(3) determination letter for the organization or its fiscal sponsor.

The next deadline for grant applications to the James Tasker Bridges Fund is Wednesday, November 6, 2019. All applications are reviewed by the local Advisory Committee, which makes grant recommendations to the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation,

For additional information or discussion of program ideas, call Jill Edson 603-542-7688. Applications should be submitted to:

James Tasker Covered Bridges Fun

Attn: Jane Stephenson

8 Black Hill Road

Plainfield, NH 03781

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