BELLOWS FALLS, Vt. — On tour from Georgia and North Carolina, Nathan Evans Fox and Jane Kramer will co-headline Stage 33 Live, playing both separately and together. Local up-and-comer Nick Badaracco opens. This early evening listening event is on Monday, July 15 at 33 Bridge St. in Bellows Falls — door at 6 p.m., music at 7 p.m. A suggested donation of $10 goes entirely to the performers.

Nathan Evans Fox is a multi-instrumentalist storyteller who blends his musical roots of country, rock, bluegrass, and hymns into landscapes that confront his cultural and religious heritage with quiet grief, incisive anger, and unexpected wit. Frequent themes of family, place, and love come out in ways that are both familiar and strange. His second full-length, “Texas Dust,” prompted a reviewer from Americana UK to write, “Nathan Evans Fox sounds like the truth.”

Jane Kramer has been described as “born to gypsy poets and raised by Emmylou Harris.” With deep roots in Appalachian musical traditions, culture, and lore, her introspective songs are gracefully gritty, poignant, and engaging. Grammy-nominated songwriter Mary Gauthier says Jane is “an artist on the rise,” and Dave Stallard of Blue Ridge Outdoors says she has “a voice that can only be described as one of the purest in modern Americana.” Her third album, “Valley of The Bones,” was released this March.

Door at 6 p.m., music at 7 p.m. on Monday, July 15 — suggested donation of $10+ for the performers. Seating is limited to 40, first-come first-served; however, chairs front-and-center will be reserved for those who make their entry donation in advance online at If the chairs have all been reserved, standing room is available. Attendees may bring their own seating if the chairs have all been reserved.

The performances will be recorded and filmed.

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