Unity Town Hall

The historic town hall is being inspected by the fire marshal to see if the basement is a suitable place to relocate the Unity Town Library. The basement has a ground level entrance at the rear of the building.

UNITY — The section of Center Road that had its blacktop stripped last year will be repaved, beginning July 8. Thanks to an emergency management grant, the town will have a lighted sign to inform drivers about the progress of the road work.

The Unity select board on Monday discussed the school’s capital project debt payment and a multitude of smaller issues. The debt payment for July is $572,768, which includes $378,237 on the principal (the rest is interest). Bob Day, the Unity school treasurer, said SAU#6 has a new finance director, John Aubin.

“He’s just trying to dig out,” said Day. The SAU has a new superintendent and recently lost its assistant superintendent and finance director; human resources administrator Nathan Lavanway is also leaving at the end of the month. Day had some questions as to when the payment was actually due; he believed it came due on July 7 but had been notified it could be paid on July 13. He told the select board he would find out the right date and bring a check for them to sign at the next meeting in July.

Class VI roads are open. Select board secretary Tracy Decker said Team Jeep Crawl had asked about the roads.

“It’s a state law,” said Selector John Callum. “We can’t tell them not to go on them.”

The spring has been extremely rainy, so off-roading tears up unpaved roadways and wood trails.

Callum said the roads are open so people who own property on Class VI roads have access, but it’s near impossible to keep joyriders off them.

“We have many landowners that maintain these roads out of their own pocket,” said Selector Ed Gregory.

A landowner on Potato Hill Road has been spreading gravel and sand on that road, which has been washing away. The selectmen (Bill Schroeter was absent) and Highway Superintendent Harold Booth suggested using heavier material, such as tailings.

The New Hampshire Fire Marshal’s Office will be sending someone to inspect the old Town Hall to see if the Unity Library could be moved there, into the basement.

The select board voted to purchase a mower with a deck, at the price of $3,749. They also processed about a dozen veterans’ applications for property tax exemptions.

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