May 26

7:11pm – Motor vehicle stop on Bellows Falls Road. The driver Wayne Newell, 35, of Charlestown, was arrested on a warrant out of Keene. Newell was bailed and released with a date to appear in court.

May 27

7:09am – Search warrant executed on a vehicle at the police department.

8:48am – Officer spoke with subjects coyote hunting behind Octagon Drive, due to a complaint by a neighbor.

8:45pm – Officer checked on a subject walking on Bellows Falls Road. Christopher Fiske, 30, of Bellows Falls was arrested on an extraditable warrant out of Alabama. Fiske was transported to the Sullivan County House of Corrections.

May 28

10:15am – Resident called advising he is being harassed for supposed money owned and property he is said to have. The Officer called the other party and advised him to stop calling.

May 29

10:53am – Officer spoke with subject reference to possibly hearing gun shots coming from a older full size pick up on Springfield Road.

May 30

3:59pm – Officer responded to a BOL out of Claremont on a vehicle following another. The second vehicle occupant advising subject in the first vehicle has stolen her phone. The Officer stopped both vehicles and subjects were told to go to Claremont Police Department as there is a dispute on who owns the phone.

5:02pm – Officer responded to a reported domestic in progress. It was found to be verbal only and the male party had already left.

7:02pm – Adam Richards, 26, of Charlestown was arrested on a warrant. Richards was transported to the Sullivan County House of Corrections for lack of bail.

7:21pm – Report taken of two black bears that came into a yard on South Hemlock Road.

May 31

7:25pm – Report taken of a family of foxes in the yard of a resident on Calavant Hill. One had already been hit and killed and was concerned for the others. Fish and Game was notified who gave a phone number for a trapper to relocate.

9:15pm – Report taken of a found bird in a parking lot, subject asked about a place to take it. Fish and Game advised of a phone number for a rehabber.

June 1

4:06pm – Lori Bunnell, 48, of Charlestown was arrested on a warrant. Bunnell was bailed and released with a date to appear in court.

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