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NEWPORT — Ruth Patterson aka Ruth Chandler, 57, of Charlestown was sentenced on May 17 to multiple charges related to the distribution of the controlled drug oxycodone and perjury. Patterson had previously entered pleas of guilty to two felony counts of sale of oxycodone, one felony count of conspiracy to sell oxycodone, and one felony perjury charge.

Patterson was sentenced to a period of incarceration of 90 days on one count of perjury. She was further sentenced to a consecutive 12-month period of incarceration at the Sullivan County House of Corrections on one count of sale of oxycodone and one count of conspiracy to sell oxycodone. Those sentences are to be served concurrent with each other, and consecutive to the initial 90-day stand committed sentence. Patterson will be evaluated for the Sullivan County TRAILS Program, pursuant to that sentence, which is an intensive incarceration-based treatment program run by the Sullivan County House of Corrections, and one based upon best practices. She will also be supervised by the New Hampshire Department of Corrections for a period of 3 years. Additionally, Patterson was further sentenced to serve 2-5 years at the New Hampshire State Prison, for third charge related to the sale of oxycodone. That sentence is suspended, conditioned upon good behavior, for a period of 5 years, and if imposed, will be served consecutively to the 15 month period of incarceration at the Sullivan County House of Corrections.

Patterson’s conviction originated from an investigation commenced by the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Drug Task Force. The New Hampshire Attorney General’s Drug Task Force initiated the investigation, based up a request from the Sullivan County Attorney’s Office, to determine whether Patterson committed perjury during a source of funds hearing regarding her granddaughter, Samantha Davis. Davis was then incarcerated for her role in distributing controlled drugs in the city of Claremont, and Patterson testified falsely during a hearing to determine the legitimacy of certain bail monies. The New Hampshire Attorney General’s Drug Task Force later began a secondary investigation, based upon information that Patterson herself was distributing controlled drugs.  

On July 24, Aug. 7, 13, and 27, 2018, Patterson met with an individual cooperating with the New Hampshire Drug Task Force in the town of Charlestown for purposes of selling said individual a quantity of pills containing the controlled ingredient oxycodone. Members of the New Hampshire Attorney Generals’ Drug Task Force subsequently obtained a warrant for Patterson’s arrest, as well as a search warrant for a location in Morways MHP in the town of Charlestown. Both warrants were effectuated in August 2018.

The law enforcement community of Sullivan County is determined to stop the influx of dangerous drugs in this community, and the grave impact that they have on the people of Sullivan County. The Sullivan County Attorney’s Office is determined to prosecute these crimes in ways designed to keep the people of Sullivan County safe, meet the punitive, rehabilitative, and deterrence objectives of sentencing, while also addressing the dangerous influences of controlled drugs at all phases of the criminal prosecution.

The above referenced investigations were conducted by the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Drug Task Force, and the cases were prosecuted by Deputy Sullivan County Attorney Justin Hersh.

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