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Christopher Santolucito

CLAREMONT — A three-month criminal investigation into a woman’s death caused by a fentanyl overdose has led to an arrest by the Claremont Police Department.

Claremont Emergency Services responded to a report of a possible overdose at Birney’s Mini Mart on Friday, Feb. 21. Medics performed CPR on 22-year-old Lebanon resident Kacey Grizzaffi upon arrival but she was pronounced dead.

The Claremont Police Criminal Division were called to the scene and determined Grizzaffi had died as a result of fentanyl toxicity. Grizzaffi was also pregnant with twins at the time of her death.

A joint investigation between the Claremont Police Department, New Hampshire Attorney General’s Drug Task Force and Sullivan County Sheriff’s office was then conducted to trace the origins of the drugs. Detectives were able to ascertain the identity of the seller, 36-year-old Claremont resident Christopher Santolucito, and the police department was able to successfully apply for an arrest warrant for conspiracy to commit sales of fentanyl.

An investigation into her death followed that included the seizure of cell phones, electronic monitoring equipment and various video surveillance systems, according to the news release issued on Wednesday, May 13.

As a result of the arrest, additional evidence was obtained by members of the Claremont Police Criminal Division resulting in the following charges filed against Santolucito: two counts of sale of substance represented to be heroine, two counts of sale of substance represented to be fentanyl, one count of death resulting from the sale of substance represented to be heroin, one count of death resulting from the sale of substance represented to be fentanyl, and two counts of second-degree assault (stillbirth of fetuses).

Santolucio was arraigned on the aforementioned charges on Wednesday, May 13, in Sullivan Superior Court. The Claremont resident is being held without bail on the two charges resulting in death. Bail for all other charges has been set at $10,000 cash only along with certain conditions of bail, the release states.

The criminal investigation remains ongoing at this time, and further charges are anticipated. Anyone with information about this investigation is encouraged to contact Claremont Police Detective Sergeant Justin Laffin at (603)542-7010 or jlaffin@claremontnh.com.

Anyone struggling with addiction can call the opioid crisis line at 1-877-586-6176.

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