The Eagle Times congratulates the following state championship teams:

Bellows Falls Terriers Vermont Division 1 field hockey

Players: Anna McGrath, Maya Waryas, Grace Wilkinson, Grace Bazin, Madi Haskell, Kayleigh Illingworth, Ashlynn Boucher, Ariana Wunderle, Jaia Caron, Jules McDermid, Ashlin Maxfield, Ella Clark, Mary Wallace, Emma Hillock, Sadie Scott, Ava LaRoss, Eryn Ross, Hannah Terry, Delaney Lockerby, Rylie Haskell, Reghan Ryea, Payton Adama, Tela Harty, and Emma Spaulding.

Coaches: Head Coach Bethany Coursen, JV Coach Melanie LaRoss, JV Coach Kim Wilkinson.

Windsor Yellow Jackets CVL football

Players: Gage Dillingham, Owen Abramsen, Caden Lockwood, Logan Goad, John Cook, Jackson Davis, Jordan Place, Owen Rhoad, Austin Gauld, Ben Gilbert, Dalton Clifford, Kaleb Smith, Kaleb Sweet, Richie Young, Rodger Petermann, Logan Worrall, Maison Fortin, Bradley Bowers, Vance Martin, Charles Palmer, Jordan Hart, Travis McAllister, Brody Osgood, Tanner Moody, Corey Lockwood, Bradley Adams, Anthony Cook, and Landon Mas.

Coaches: Head Coach Greg Balch, Assistant Coach Matt Meagher, Assistant Coach Jamie Richardson, and Assistant Coach James Perry.

Sunapee Lakers NH Division IV boys soccer

Players: Cam Messenger, Jackson Cooney, Phillip Ritzman, Mathew Tschudin, Maddox Cahill,Harper Flint, Jacob Stoughton, Austin Tschudin, Parker Reed, Garrett Rumrill, Joshua Heino, Vincent Borelli, Andrew Claus, Drew Nichols, Mike Shottes, Kaeden Hughlock, Eric Nangeroni, Sam Kress, Hunter Morse, John Groton, Rupert Dalton, Sean Moynihan, and Jake Galloway.

Coaches: Head Coach Jack Iacopino.

Windsor Yellow Jackets Vermont Division III field hockey

Players: Ashley Grela, Sadie Balch, Linda Ricard, Paige Kleefisch, Jenna Hood, Hannah Wood,Alyssa Slocum, Glenna Ricard, Madison Leduc, Peyton Richardson, Reese Perry,Karen Kapuscinski, Meagan Holling, Janiah Young, Lindsey Young, Mallory Martel,Lisa Todd, Alexina Peckinpaugh, Annie Preece, Gwen Ambrose, Kiara Wildgoose, Amber Simonds, Fern Day, and Sydney Perry.

Coaches: Head Coach Jody Wood, Assistant Coach Emma Saucier, Assistant Coach Haley Wood, and Athletic Trainer Stefanie Curtis.

Newport Tigers New Hampshire Division IV football

Players: Tyler Patenaude, Garion LaCasse, Bryce Willey, Marius Edwards, Kyle Ashley, Jay Conroy,Chase Hamilton, Ryder Lovely, Tanner Proper, Karter Pollari, Dominic Johnson, Tyler Gobin,Josh Sharron, Jagger Lovely, Darshawn Chesser, Bryce Ashley, Devyn Heino, Darren Janicke,Geoffrey Morrie, Caleb Turgeon, Hunter Brunt, Hayden Patenaude, Dylan Carpenter, Logan Ash, Arthur Stanley, Tommy Spiker, Josh Orlowski, Luke Bartlett, Tim Fratzell, Andrew Chartier, Cameron Howard, Liam Almstrom, Kaiden Seymour, Jack Simard, Adriano Urista, Makai Matheson, Sam Hebert, Jackson Dame, Nick Hogan, and Adam Whipple.

Coaches: Head Coach John Proper, Assistant Coach Jeremy Willey, Assistant Coach Kevin Pollari, Assistant Coach PJ Lovely, and Assistant Coach Todd Fratzell.

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