Dog shot

Gunner was shot in Monadnock Park on Sunday.

CLAREMONT – Police are investigating the shooting of a dog in Monadnock Park Sunday. At approximately 5:45 p.m. May 26, the Claremont Police Department responded to Monadnock Park to investigate a report of a dog that had been shot.

The dog, Gunner, is the focus of a GoFundMe page to help pay for emergency surgery. His owner, Taysa Combs, reportedly was exercising him in the tennis courts when a couple approached to use the court. Gunner was off-leash and Combs asked them to wait while she put a leash on him.

According to the account on the GoFundMe page, the man in the couple opened the gate to the tennis court and Gunner ran out. Combs related that Gunner ran after the man who drew a gun and shot him.

Officers interviewed witnesses, collected physical evidence, and assisted Combs with obtaining medical treatment for Gunner. While officers were conducting the on-scene investigation, the subject that shot the dog contacted the police department to report the incident.

The investigation into the facts and circumstances which led to the shooting continues. When the investigation is complete, it will be reviewed by the Sullivan County Attorney’s Office to determine if criminal charges are appropriate. According to New Hampshire law, RSA 466:28, “Any person may kill a dog that suddenly assaults the person while such person is peaceably walking or riding without the enclosure of its owner or keeper.”

Guns are not regulated in Monadnock Park. The city has a leash law which requires dogs to be leashed or under the owner’s control, as well as registered with the city and vaccinated.

If anyone has further information about this matter, they are encouraged to contact Sergeant Justin Laffin at (603)542-9538 or

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Dogs are supposed to be leashed at all times. That doesn't mean it can be unleashed in an enclosed area in a tennis court. I don't blame the man for shooting. Many people would have freaked out if a pit bull ran after them. The pit bull had no right to be unleashed in public, period. It's too bad some people can't understand simple leash laws.


[angry] Are you effin kidding? If she asked them to wait till she grabbed dogs leash then be q decent human being and WAIT! So it was a public area but it was fenced in you saw the dog I'm sure. This was deliberate! He should be arrested and she should turn around and sue too. Officials please don't let jerks with guns just randomly shoot in public.

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