WINDSOR, Vt. — On February 21, 2023, the town of Windsor held a forum to extend the opportunity to get to know some of the candidates running for selectboard seats in the coming election. Moderator and Windsor resident Bredan D’Angelo prompted the three candidates with prepared questions prior to opening up the conversation to the community.

A contested two-year seat is being sought by both Emma Caffrey and Tom DeMasi, while a three-year seat is seeing current selectboard member Jeffrey Johnson run unopposed. Johnson has served two terms on the selectboard and stated that her experience will offer a level of continuity that will help the town of Windsor moving forward.

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Gould's attack on DeMasi fit the definition of malicious slander. It was obvious by the expression on Caffrey's face that she was in on it in an attempt to discredit DeMasi. If she was indeed a participant, it should disqualify her from running or serving on a board that manages a 6 million dollar budget. Watch the video beginning at minute 54 on Vimeo. The link


I noticed her body language and smirk once Chris stepped up. She absolutely knew what he was about to do. If she wasn’t behind it she was still aware of it. I didn’t see other candidates stopping to that level. Tom was right, PETTY indeed


Tom was also very well spoken and handled the attack on him much more dignified than I’ve seen other candidates handle even slight criticism. The childish attack was uncalled for. They could have just brought it up if it was a concern. But they wasted paper and ink because SOMEONE has a vendetta. it was an obvious dog pile to try and make Tom squirm. If that’s all they have then it ain’t much *shrug*

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