RVCC Class of 2022 graduates after receiving their diplomas during Friday, May 13, 2022’s ceremony.

CLAREMONT-On Friday, May 13, 2022, River Valley Community College held their 54th graduation ceremony on the school’s campus at 1 College Place in Claremont. The college graduated 178 students and awarded over 188 certificates and degrees.

The event, held on the front lawn, was split into three separate commencement ceremonies. The first of which awarded diplomas and certifications to students in the fields of Accounting, Advanced Accounting, Biological Science, Business Management, Criminal Justice, Cyber Security and Healthcare IT, Early Childhood Education, General Studies, Healthcare Applications, Healthcare Management, Information Technology, Liberal Arts, Medical Administrative Assistant, Medical Assistant, Networking, and Social Services programs.

The second ceremony awarded diplomas to students in the Nursing field and the third ceremony was for graduates in Massage Therapy, Medical Laboratory Technician, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Physical Therapist Assistant, Radiologic Technology, and Respiratory Therapy programs.

In the opening ceremony, Amanda Couitt performed the National Anthem for the family, friends and graduates in attendance. Before graduates received their diplomas, faculty and guest speakers each gave their congratulations and well wishes. Those speakers included River Valley Community College President Alfred Williams, Chancellor of the Community College System in NH Dr. Mark Rubinstein, Liberal Arts Chair and Poet Cara Chanoine, and CCSNH Board Of Trustees member Jack Calhoun. Each of the ceremonies also featured a student speaker, including Angela Stilwell, a 2022 graduate.

“Our perseverance and dedication have brought us across the finish line,” Stilwell told her classmates.

In the earlier of the three ceremonies Program Director Kerry Belknap Morris gave two prestigious awards to students, recognizing their hard work and dedication. The Dr. T Berry Brazelton Early Childhood Education Award was awarded to student Stephanie Daigle. Belknap Morris also gave the Marianne Wright Edelman Award to Angela Russel, who received her Associates Degree in Social Services. The President Academic Award for the highest GPA and most credits was awarded to Chase Rosen who received two associate degrees; one in Networking, the other in Information Technology.

“Take pride in what you’ve achieved,” Chancellor Rubinstein told students.

As diplomas were handed to each student and their photographs were taken, they were also handed a rose. The tradition of the rose is a longstanding one at River Valley Community College. The rose is meant to symbolize not only the budding new career path the students will be embarking on but also the love and support given to the students by their friends and family. After receiving the rose the students were asked to give the flower to the person they felt had been the most instrumental in their graduation.

Many of the graduating students have entered their desired career field, while others will take their new found degrees and use it to progress into the type of work their education will afford them. Some, like 2022 RVCC graduate Jasmine Bernier intend to continue onto the next step in their higher education process. “It’s been a long exciting journey. I didn’t think I was going to make it but I made it. I’m going to further my education and look into the program at River Valley for X-ray tech,” Bernier said, surrounded by congratulatory friends and family.

Congratulations to the 2022 River Valley Community College graduates who are as follows:

John Daniel Anglis, Skye Casey Arens, Sarah August, Mary Clare Felice Dela Pena Avelino, Brandi Mae Balch, McKenzie Bardis, Brice Barey, Bianca P. Barrett ,David Tyler Barrows, Rebekah Glen Bartolin, Lindsey Bateman, Katelyn E. Bemis, Sarah Elizabeth Bergstrom, Jasmine Bernier, Catherine Ann Blackwell, Loretta Marie Blackwell, Kathryn F. Blanchard, Caitlyn Blood, Jacqueline M. Bourgeois, Christina Ravens Bridges, Hannah Rae Brown, Ashlee Marie Brown, Barbara Ann Bunce, Sarah Ann Burnham, Karlee Faith Butterfield, Kendra F. Camp, Karen N. Campbell, Christina D. Carney, Savannah Elizabeth Cavadini, Matthew Caveney, Jennifer Chamberlin,Ryanne A. Champney, Jacqueline Charney, Emily Paige Charuhas, Erika Marie Christman, Dillan W. Coburn, Feblyn Ina Mae Condino, Beth Elaine-Button Conklin, Jason W. Coppick, Michelle Denise Corbett, Justin Cucullo,Cynthia M. Cyr, Stefanie Marie Daigle, Paul Daugherty, Jillian M. Dean, Carmen L. del Genio, Philip Thomas DeNigris, Jennifer Renee Derendal, Taylor Devlin, Kristen G. Donigian, Anthony Edmund D’Ottavio, Evan M. Dow, Courtney E. Dowd, Stephanie E. Drew, Kathleen Marie Duffy, Adam Eineberg, Benjamin Lewis Esquivel, Alesha Lee Figueroa, Rebecca N. Fine, Lena Rose Fisher, Bethany Jane Fleishman, Madison Hayley Frarie, Marina A. Fulton, Sonya Gammon, Heather A. Gaspar, Gregory Gdanian, Daniel Joseph Gelinas Jr., Kathryn C. Gemmell, Gabrielle Nicole Gilman, Amanda G. Gobis, Amanda F. Gonyea, Heather J. Goodwin, Cori P. Gorneault, Felicia Elaine Gray, Melanie Greene, Samara R. Hagen, Emily Kate Harding, Deborah L. Harrington, Stephanie Lynda Harrington, Kelly A. Harrington-Eldridge, Lacey Lynn Heasley, Jessica M. Hill, Katie Hilliard, Joselynn Rae Holt, Rajaa Housaini, Amanda Lynn Howe, Benjamin J. Hoyt, Casey R. Huff, Rachel Jordan Hull, Amy M. Hussey, Kelly Jarosz, Hannah Marie Johnson, Alicia Marie Johnston, Shyann Mae Josler, Meghan Elizabeth Kee, Helen M. Kelly, Morgan M. Kendall, Alexis Kristolaitis, Sahara Grace Labadie, Kayla LaFord, Laura Ashlee LaHaye, Santo Lampiasi, Kaycee Jeannine Lashua, Michael J. Lavigne, Rachel Lawrence, Evelyn Maria Lechner, Katelyn Lessard, Keith Littell, Marion E. Lovett, Jennifer Anne MacLeod, Brooke Alexis Madeja, Jerrica Ann Manning, Nirva Marc, Georgie Elizabeth Martin, Robert Mayer, Mary Elizabeth Menard, Chelsea Diane Milke, Trish Mills, Marilyn Mora, Deborah E. Movizzo, Rachel Mukandayisenga, Katie M. Nash, Elizabeth Catherine Nauceder, Tirzah E. Nelson, Kirsten Elizabeth Nichols, Tammy Ann Nystrom, Danielle Jessica Oliveri, Erin S. O’Mara, Sierra Faith Page, Michele L. Palazzo, Rebecca E. Parker, Benjamin W. Pennell, Nia Lei Perkins, Elissa Diane Perlo, Ryan Matthew Phelps, Carissa L. Pickell, Tyler Pilotte, Annika Marie Pixley, Erica J. Poitras, Merideth F. Poole, Olivia Violet Annabelle Pratt, Kelli S. Prosser, Kerri A. Quick, D’Arcy Kathryn Wightman Quinlan, Jordyn L. Ramsey, Chase S. Rawson, Tiffany Dawn Reilly, Alexis T. Richer, Maureen Frances Robichaud, Alexis Roldan, Caylin Roy, Angela L. Russell, Ashley K. Sanborn, Katlyn Dayle Scheffler, Amanda L. Segee, Sarah B. Shedd, Aunnah M. Shepard, Jennifer Elizabeth Smith, Koltin Stetson, Angela C. Stowell, Margaret Elizabeth Sullivan, Tyler Sullivan, Rachel R. Sullivan, Ethan Tapman Contois, Shelby Lorraine Theriault, Marisa Town, Jerrica Lyn Townsen, Molly Elizabeth Tremblay, Stephanie Ebbighausen, Carrie M. Venezia, Elizabeth Holly Waters, Makayla Elizabeth Waysville, Shana Weaver, Michael L. Weeks, Kaitlyn G. Whitham, Cailyn Frances Williams, Taryn Elizabeth Wing, Brandie Worcester, Olivia Iris Wright, Dana Naser Yaseen.

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